We teamed up with Target Weddings to create a pair of totally tricked out DIY wedding emergency kits, one for the bridesmaids, and one for the groomsmen. As a recent newlywed, I can tell you firsthand that I wish I’d created these exact kits for everyone in my wedding party!
To create the custom little bags you see in the kits pictured, you need iron-on transfer paper, a color printer, an iron, muslin bags, and these handy dandy printables. In the toiletries department, we’ve got band aids, hand cream, deodorant, and tampons. Last, you gotta keep those pearly whites looking white! Tic Tacs, floss, and gum are all musts.

And, because we can’t resist a bit of creative customization, we created our own set of printable iron-ons to iron onto cloth bags for your smaller items. The transfer paper we used required that you print the templates backwards, but be sure to check the instructions on the paper you buy as they all vary.
We included everything we could think of, but it probably makes sense to pick and choose based on your specific needs. This portion of the kit includes: band aids, deodorant, Tic Tacs, floss, gum, and mouthwash.
As for hair, we’ve got hair spray, a mini hair brush, elastics, bobby pins, and an awesome mini curling iron!

Someone’s hem comes down and they need a quick stitch, one of the groomsmen never undid his breast pocket and needs a seam ripper, and, of course, everyone in the wedding party needs to keep their breath minty fresh! Sunglasses are an obvious item, as well as a basic sewing kit, safety pins, and a lint roller.

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