StateAlert automatically delivers emergency warnings direct to you when lives may be in danger in your neighbourhood. You also need to register if you want to receive alerts by email or for up to three additional addresses. A meeting of the Bassendean Local Emergency Management Committee of the Town of Bassendean will be held in the Council Chamber, 48 Old Perth Road, Bassendean, on Wednesday, 8 May 2013, commencing at 3.30pm. Members of the public who wish to do so may ask questions or address the Committee at this point in the agenda. That the minutes of the additional BLEMC meeting held on 6 February 2013, be confirmed as a true record. The Committee is requested to note that Ms Nadine McLoughlin, CEMO for SEMC Secretariat, has prepared a new draft EMA and draft Recovery Plan for the Town to ensure compliance and interoperability. The Committee would recall that in 2005 the Town received funding from EMA to engage a suitably qualified Consultant to assist the Town prepare a contemporary LEMA and appointed IFAP for the purpose. The Committee resolved to make the changes when next conducting a major review that indicatively was to be by 2012. With the SEMC review of Policy 2.5 (Local EM Arrangements) underway at that time, the Committee resolved to defer the review of the LEMA pending the outcome of the Policy review such that the reviewed Plan met the then requirements.
Ms McLoughlin has sought to assist the Town to be compliant and having first consulted the DCD, has prepared both draft LEMA and draft Recovery Plans for the Town.
Attached with the agenda please find the SEMC Strategic Plan and correspondence from SEMC that articulates the established work program and progress made to date toward accomplishing the defined outcomes. The open communication process reinforces the partnering approach being espoused by the newly established SEMC and of the intent to centralise LG in the EM system. SEMC has developed an Emergency Management Capability Framework to assess the State’s preparedness.
The SEMC Secretariat has conducted a sample consult (2 LGs from each region including from the Town), to ascertain whether LGs feel a draft feedback template is suitable for local governments when providing a report on capabilities against relevant core objectives.

WALGA is currently defining the existing level of resource allocation within LG in WA to meet EM functions as a base line in support of the business case for EM being acknowledged as core function within LG. Recurrent funding, particularly where additional responsibility is imposed on LG, is a critical sector wide concern. At the last meeting, it was agreed to defer discussion on the LEMC annual exercise to this meeting. In September 2012, the Committee resolved to conduct a flood event recovery one-stop-shop field exercise in June 2013. With the window of opportunity growing ever smaller to prepare the exercise prior to the exercise date, the DCD convened a meeting of the working party to review and make recommendations on a suitable way forward. The EMRG met on 24 April 2013 at the City of Joondalup (see minutes attached) at which the secretariat was transferred to Kalamunda. Reference was made to reviewing section 5.2 in the Agreement (attached) by each member LGA to remove reference to consulting external agencies. As is customary the next meeting of Committee is not scheduled (11 September) until beyond the required reporting date, and so the DCD again seeks authority of the LEMC to produce the Annual Report and Business Plan in consultation with Committee members. The Committee has requested all HMA’s routinely forward post incident reports to the Town for presenting to LEMC.
WALGA are proud to offer the nationally accredited unit Work in an Emergency Context in an online learning environment.
This Emergency Management eLearning provides the foundation to increase Local Government’s knowledge of their responsibilities under the Emergency Management Act 2005, including all relevant concepts, legislation, policies and procedures, which will assist with emergency management planning and decision making. It does not replace current public information tools or the need to look after your own safety. You may want to register multiple addresses if you own more than one property, work away from home or have a friend or relative with special needs.
A project management team (PMT) comprised of the DCD, Senior Ranger, Manager Bassendean SES, and OIC Kiara Police Station oversaw the project.

A copy of the draft Shire of East Pilbara LEMA and Recovery Plan has been forwarded by Mr John Lane as an example of the WALGA preferred document.
The framework consists of 10 capability areas (both strategic and operational), with 30 core objectives that provide a breakdown of activities under each of the capability areas. Note that included in the meeting was discussion on, and agreement to, a standardised tabard for LG for EM purposes.
A project review meeting was conducted SES at which it was agreed to defer delivery of the project to June. This unit is an elective within the Advanced Diploma and Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management) qualifications and provides a much needed professional online unit of study in the Emergency Management field in Western Australia.
It is an additional tool used to alert people in a specific location where there is immediate danger.
Mobile phones are automatically registered to the customer address which may be different to where you live. The commitment proffered the review to occur following the March State election and is now due. All members interested in undertaking the training are requested to discuss it with the DCD.
A YouTube video and flyer are provided below for your viewing and general information.

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