Additional training is arranged in the Regions, and weekend and evening courses are accommodated as instructor and venue availability permit. Petrofac instructors work with students in a simulated exercise in a major emergency simulation suite at the new Petrofac Houston Training Center. Petrofac’s Houston training center has relocated to a new 7,000-sq-ft facility in the Energy Corridor in west Houston, adding about 34% additional training capability.
The facility has four classrooms, two simulators and approximately 20 instructors supporting the emergency response and crisis management training, enabling Petrofac to run multiple courses at one time in different simulated models. Under the notion of “reality without risk,” the simulators create a life-like environment offshore and onshore, complete with noise, lights and explosions, Mr Littler said.
The emergency management course, which was developed following the Piper Alpha incident, lasts between four to five days, and the facility will run two to three courses per week with a maximum of eight people in each course. In addition to the new facility, Petrofac acquired Oilennium, an e-learning provider to the energy industry, earlier this month.

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All training is consistent with federal initiatives, and is designed to create a comprehensive and integrated system addressing all hazards at the county, local and state levels.
Directions, instructions for parking and course logistics are supplied to students when registration is confirmed by the Training staff. Driven by demand from operators and drilling contractors, the facility has the capacity to train approximately 1,000 people annually in major emergency management, in addition to other course offerings in health, safety and assessor training. Courses are accredited by IADC and OPITO, while a number of courses are specifically developed based on clients’ needs. Flexibility in the classrooms allows courses to be adapted to meet the needs of different clients.

All courses require completion of a Training Application or registration and notification of course enrollment prior to the start of class. Tony Littler, Petrofac’s regional director of the Americas, said companies are looking to emergency management courses to help their crews know what to do if and when things go wrong. We embed the delegates into the training room and create a very realistic environment in which the delegates quickly realize that they’re not in a classroom anymore.

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