Find places to park in Sidney, inquire about ParkLink, and learn about parking regulations. Find out where to renew or replace your Licence or BC Services Card and other ICBC services.
Read the final report and recommendations of the Mayor's Downtown Revitalization Task Force. Emergency ManagementWith Comprehensive Emergency Management in mind, the Town of Sidney has established an Emergency Planning Committee to oversee the many activities required for effective emergency management. The tools in this app help ensure that no matter where you are or what you are doing you’ll be prepared. The primary limitation of today’s energy grid is that it was conceived and developed in an era that had not envisioned a future powered by the sun, wind and data. The energy grid is old, and that’s why a new federal agency is pushing high-risk, high-reward research in an effort to turn innovative ideas into infrastructure that powers the nation. Known as the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, or ARPA-E, the agency within the U.S.
ARPA-E awarded researchers at Harvard University $4.3 million to further their research on flow batteries, a type of storage device that could hold up to 10 times more energy by volume than traditional storage devices.
ARPA-E is also driving research in hardware to provide data and controls for platforms like the ones offered by AutoGrid. Their device is the only one of its kind being used today, said Anuj Kapadia, senior engineer at Smart Wire Grid. Having the ability to control the flow of power is immensely useful, and will continue to become more useful as the grid evolves, Kapadia said.
Incidents and emergencies can occur at any time, they can arise from a number of causes, and can have a significant impact on the University's operations. These guidelines have been written for reference by the management of the University of Sydney's faculties, schools and departments, and professional services units.
Response to incidents, which can be managed relatively quickly using local resources, possibly with the assistance of the Emergency Services. Management of emergencies that usually involve intervention by the Emergency Services and require a greater level of coordination to address the wider implications.
Management of a crisis where there is a significant threat to the operations of the University.
The procedures relating to each level of emergency response are documented in three different plans.Incident Response Plan (IRP)The IRP details the procedures for coordination between Security Services, Building Emergency Control Organisations (ECO) and the attending emergency services, and protocols for escalation to Emergency response.

The EMC meets monthly and provides reports to the Senior Executive Group, the Safety and Risk Management Committee of Senate and the Central OHS Committee.Building Emergency ProceduresLocal Heads of Department are responsible for ensuring that building emergency procedures are implemented in accordance with the performance standards outlined in the Guidelines for Building Emergency Procedures. The IRP will be tested regularly in accordance with the requirements of the Building Emergency Procedures. Emergency Management is the system used to coordinate the efforts of city agencies and partners to plan for, coordinate the response to, and recover from major emergencies and disasters.
Preparedness includes planning, training, evaluating and improving procedures before a disaster occurs.
Survey: KCMO as a place to workThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. Survey: KCMO as a place to liveThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. Survey: Quality of KCMO servicesThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.
Survey: KCMO Overall Quality of LifeThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. Survey: Water Services customer serviceThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. Survey: City parks maintenanceThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. Survey: Value for taxesThis chart represents data from the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. Take a tour of this website and you could win your very own Red Cross Emergency Survival Kit valued at $60.
The Township of East Zorra-Tavistock has developed an overall Emergency Management program designed to prepare and assist the community through each phase of an emergency; mitigation and prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. By-law #2004-10 was passed to provide for the adoption of an emergency management program for the Township of East Zorra-Tavistock.
Working with local responders, health organizations, utilities and other community groups, the program consists of plans and procedures to address potential hazards in our Township.
The Township continually trains, tests and reviews its emergency plans to prepare for the worst, but residents must also take an active role in preparedness. Visit the 72-Hour Club page to learn more about preparedness and building a survival kit for your family.
This committee focuses on projects such as community risk assessment, emergency exercises, community disaster recovery plans, and much more.

When you know where to get information, have the right supplies, and have a plan for you, your loved ones, and your pets, you can protect yourself and your family before a crisis and for at least 72hours afterwards.
Today’s electric grid needs such batteries if it’s to support wind and solar power, which can sometimes go days without supplying power.
Smart Wire Grid was awarded just under $4 million by ARPA-E to continue development of a wireless device that clamps onto power lines to control electricity flow. The EMP will be tested at least twice per annum via desktop scenarios and at least once a year via a real-time simulated exercise. This could include things like writing an evacuation plan, installing tornado outdoor warning sirens, strengthening partnerships, etc.
The Township Emergency Response Plan details the responsibilities key officials will take during an emergency situation or an impending emergency.
We work closely with the Peninsula Emergency Measures Organization (PEMO) to ensure Sidney, North Saanich, and Central Saanich have the required emergency services in the event of disaster or major emergency.
Today, solar power accounts for about one-tenth of a percent of the electricity produced in the country, said Harvard Professor Roy Gordon.
The electricity industry is one of the last industries to take advantage of the big data wave, and there’s a lot of potential in doing so, said Sandra Kwak, director of marketing for AutoGrid. You open the tap, it flows, when you close the tap, you can block the power,” Kapadia explained. PEMO provides Emergency Support Services, Emergency Communications, Search and Rescue, and the Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program to the three Saanich Peninsula municipalities. Bush codified the agency’s creation, and in 2009, President Barack Obama allocated funding that made its operation today possible. Parts of California and Hawaii are able to flood the grid with solar power, Gordon noted, but overall the amount of energy storage available is still inadequate. Having wireless connectivity is obviously useful, but it also presents a security risk, Kapadia said, which is why they’ve spent a lot of time making the system secure. And now because of all this complexity coming to the grid, a device like ours is very, very useful to actually control and make the grid flexible.
In an ARPA-E promotional video, Michael Aziz, Harvard professor of materials and energy technologies, explains the value of new types of energy storage: “The biggest obstacle to us getting a large fraction of our electricity from wind and sunshine is their intermittence.

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