Full coverage of superstorm Sandy's aftermathKuhr previously was president of Strategic Emergency Group, a consulting firm that had contracts with New York City, the state and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, according to the news release announcing his appointment. By Obiano Huntley – Students and faculty of the Emergency and Disaster Management program at MCNY had the pleasure of meeting and being presented with a wealth of information by an esteemed leader, and by representatives of the respected Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation on March 1, 2013 at the school.
Comptroller Liu delivered an address which gave the audience an idea as to how his office is approaching the management of disasters, and more specifically what is being done in the aftermath of Sandy to make the city more resilient. The presenters from the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation combined to deliver an eye opening overview of the history, philosophy and efforts of this organization that has separated itself from other disaster relief organizations.
The effort to assist communities affected by Sandy witnessed the organization gathering funds and dispersing Visa debit cards worth $600 to families who could prove they resided in affected areas. EDM Program Director Ali Gheith thanked Comptroller Liu, representatives of Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation and Professor Lorraine Motola, who was instrumental in organizing the event. The link below provides information about how individuals can volunteer with the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation. Ali Gheith is the Director of MPA in Emergency and Disaster Management at Metropolitan College of New York. By Michelle Johnson – The group met at Wyckoff Hospital and discussed family, community, and organizational preparedness. From February 5-7 2013, Metropolitan College of New York hosted the three-day FEMA course, “Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Higher Education.” Nearly over a dozen colleges and universities from within the Tri-State area attended. The course was specifically designed to highlight the importance of an emergency plan that meets the unique needs of an Institution of Higher Education.
UPDATE: Due to the severity of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, most of our participants are actively involved in Disaster Response efforts. Anyone in the private or public sector involved in Emergency Management or Continuity Planning. Disaster Central is also a resource for information relating to MCNY’s MPA program in Emergency Management and Homeland Security, as well as providing insight and commentary on the topics of Disaster Management, Emergency Management and Homeland Security. In June 2008, The School of Management, Metropolitan College of New York (MCNY), initiated the annual Philip J. Michael Massiah said, “I was honored to be asked by MCNY to present their Rutledge Scholarship to such deserving students and to witness their pride for being acknowledged with an award named in tribute to Phil Rutledge. Those in attendance included Professors Chuck Frank, Mick Maurer, Lorraine Motola, and Johnny Velez. At FEMA Kay Goss was in-charge of the National Preparedness, Training and Exercises Directorate, a position she held from 1994, when appointed by President Clinton, until 2001. With the program’s leadership constantly looking to stay current and find new approaches for ongoing development of the EDM program, the take away from such an accomplished and helpful woman as Ms. Posted by Disaster Central in Emergency Management Planning, Emergency Preparedness, Government, Homeland Security, Interview, MCNY EDM Program.
Chris Horan — On Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010, book author Joe Flood stood at a podium in the front of a packed room at Metropolitan College of New York, reading from the first chapter of his book, The Fires. Putting down the text, Flood points out that he originally was motivated to look into the possibility of racism being behind the politics that allowed so many fires to burn, but that as he researched more deeply, he found that truth to be far less complicated; it was political ineptitude. The evenings’ discussion touched on race, politics, disease, pestilence, firefighting procedure, and economics from a period in time many modern New Yorkers may have forgotten.
A former Bronx-based journalist examines the epidemic of fires that swept New York City in the 1960s and ’70s. When reformer John Lindsay was elected mayor in 1966, O’Hagan, who strongly believed in the use of statistics and systems analysis to organize the department, became one of his leading allies.
The author writes that harried fire captains, given stopwatches to time how long it took their men to reach a fire scene, often lost or broke them, then submitted figures they thought made them look good. Flood casts a wide net, looking into New York machine politics, the development of systems analysis, the dynamics of urban growth and an array of unexpected byways of NYC history. Posted by Disaster Central in Disaster Central, Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Management Planning, Events, Natural Disasters. MCNY-EDM program prepares students from Haiti to help rebuild their earthquake-stricken country. NEW YORK (WABC) — Several Haitian nationals who survived that catastrophic earthquake are now here and learning about disaster relief. Jerome was at his office job, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti when last year’s earthquake devastated his country. Jerome is working toward a master’s degree in emergency and disaster management at Metropolitan College of New York. The course covers how emergency responders should handle both natural and man-made disasters.

Those involved with this course were happy to share it because they believe in it, and because they want all of us to remember that the story of the earthquake in Haiti is not over.
Posted by Disaster Central in Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Management Planning, MCNY EDM Program, Natural Disasters, Videos. Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) students: Fritz Clairvil, Maybelle Jadotte, Shafiq Munir attended, along with Professor Lorraine Motola, who was representing DOHMH. While at the symposium, the group met EDM alum, Milton Johnson, who shared that earning his advanced degree from MCNY was a life-changing experience.
Built by the OEM and the Department of Design and Construction (DDC), the units seek to showcase a new approach to interim housing that provides higher-density living spaces. Topics such as the Rapid Repairs program, improvements to infrastructure and the politics of disaster management were touched upon. Meaning “Compassionate Relief”, the words and actions of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation epitomize the drive for excellence in delivering assistance to areas around the globe which are afflicted by disasters. Such drives are done in collaboration with city officials and volunteers, some from within the communities they served. The instructors used highly interactive presentations coupled with numerous individual and small-group practice activities and class exercises to ensure that participants developed a high level of mastery.
As such, we have decided to postpone SMARMIE (Social Media and Response Management Interfacing Event) to a date in March 2013. Any senior level first responder who is trying to get a handle on what the Social Media benefit is for their organization.
Former (and first African American) ASPA President,  Phil spent 32 years in academia as a professor and administrator. Goss made herself available to members of the program to give the opportunity to share the work of our faculty and students, and give some feedback to how we can further develop our program. She is currently the Senior Advisor for Emergency Management and Continuity Programs at SRT International, and has served as an adjunct professor at many institutions, including the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Ms.
Faculty and students discussed the program’s long term aspirations, history of overseas class projects in Israel, and future projects in Chile, England, and other countries. Goss also took the time to connect with each student in the room, beginning with very helpful advice of how to approach our Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) credentialing.
His audience was composed of Emergency Management students and professors from the graduate program at MCNY, as well as visiting guests from the field. Flood was reading, tells the story of a city in turmoil and its’ firefighters during a period of history the FDNY refers to as “The War Years”.
The use of computational analysis is important, he argued that policy decisions cannot be based on numbers alone; they lack “humanity and context”. The dark times for the city in the 1960’s and 1970’s cannot be summed up in one book, though the smell of charred wood and ruined lives rises from the very pages of Joe Flood’s work.
Flood focuses on John O’Hagan, the fire commissioner who presided over the worst of “the Wars,” as the era is known in FDNY lore. The new mayor sought the advice of the RAND Corporation, the legendary think tank that had made its reputation analyzing nuclear warfare for the Air Force. While his conclusions perhaps go to far in generalizing from the excesses of Lindsay and RAND to condemn liberal reformers as a group, Flood provides a riveting look inside one of the most challenging eras of recent NYC history. The 16-month course began this semester, and includes five other hand-picked Haitian nationals on full scholarships.
Fermin was not in Haiti during the earthquake, but some of her relatives lost their homes and a close cousin lost his life. But I have that feeling, that determination that I will do a good job in Haiti,” St. He explained that before graduate school he was a security guard at OEM, while it was under construction. Liu and presenters Austin Chi and Jennifer Yin of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, resulted in an insightful discourse, which left many in attendance wanting more.
His positive outlook for the future and personal endeavors to rebuild communities devastated by Sandy show that his resolve is unbending with regards to seeing that more attention is given to improving the city’s mitigation and recovery efforts. It is because of their selflessness and a separation of ulterior motives for assisting individuals, along with a culture which respects the rights and beliefs of the communities thy venture into, they have been successful. The lack of red tape and bureaucracy, which impedes efforts to quickly provide assistance, is a feature Ms.
Vinton Thompson, Dean Humphrey Crookendale and other educators in the Emergency and Disaster Management program at MCNY.
Any leader of an organization concerned with maximizing branding and minimizing legal complications due to the ubiquity of this new SM phenomenon.

The award goes to a MPA student (who exhibits both scholarship and leadership in the field of Public Administration). He was Professor-Emeritus of Political Science and Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University;  Professor and Chair of the Department of Public Administration at Howard University’s School of Business and Public Administration. All were very grateful, not only for her having taken the time, but in her approachable demeanor and thoughtful advice – backed by years of pioneering the professionalization of the field. Goss who is very enthused about international programs also teaches at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in person and via distance learning.
She gave excellent advice to one student who had recently found success in creating a Business Continuity program at her organization. During this period, budgetary limitations, mistakes, and corruption left the city vulnerable to a plague of fires which turned areas, including large portions of the South Bronx, to ashy rubble. Flood found that a “utopian, machinistic policy”, wherein computers could solve all of mankind’s trouble, was in vogue at the time. Ambitious and self-educated, O’Hagan came up from the ranks to become the youngest chief in the department’s history. O’Hagan, eager to help Lindsay cut the city’s bloated budget, used the RAND results to close down firehouses he already ‘knew’ were underperforming-which often turned out to be the ones where union leaders were based. Kuhr was working in Albany at the time last week, shortly after Sandy hit.The official spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because the personnel decision wasn't announced. Of particular importance was his mention of the role of effective volunteering, an undertaking he noted the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation has nearly mastered.
Founded by Buddhist nun Dharma Master Cheng Yen in 1966, the organization has grown bountifully because of donations and volunteers, but more so because of the tenets which guide their approach. Nils Aucante and Niko Soo, represented the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, as videographers aiding in chronicling the development of this well regarded and evolving relief organization, whose model should be emulated. Any graduate student in Emergency Management, interested in employment opportunities in this specialized area of disaster communication, planning, and education. Goss shared the enthusiasm in further developing the program, and offered her own anecdotes about the history of education and professionalization in emergency management. The city was struggling to manage and contain fires, poverty, crime, and outbreaks of disease.
Use of these new ideas and techniques to counteract the policies of poor spending, left effects that can still be seen in the five boroughs today, in neighborhoods that never truly recovered. Flood was able to give life to a reality modern New Yorkers, in this field and others, hope never to see again.
RAND needed new clients, Lindsay needed a blueprint for rational government and O’Hagan needed support for his ideas for making firefighting a scientific discipline. Though he was quick to not take praise for the success the organization has had in the city, Comptroller Liu’s role in promoting the positive impacts of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation cannot be denied.
Being effective, is in large part due to how quickly resources can be organized and mobilized, and this is one of the trademarks of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, along with their seriousness and commitment.
And of course, anyone who wants to improve the survivability of individuals and first responders during disaster events. Goss is the Chair of the Education and Training Committee and member of the CEM Commission of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM). The discussion was also about the successes of our six (6) international students that were brought over from Haiti to obtain an advanced degree in emergency management to implement academic concepts and theories in a practical setting once they return (to Haiti) with new skills and tools to help in the recovery effort and other phases of Comprehensive Emergency Management.
At that time the city was in the early stages of using computational analysis to make policy decisions, with The Fires taking a look at the work of the RAND Corporation and the role it played. But as Flood shows, the reformers’ characteristic weakness was a lack of the local knowledge that had been the bread and butter of the machine politicians they had ousted. Chi pointed to fact that the driving force behind each task the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation undertakes is simply to help; a feature which results in them being welcomed and revered across nations and cultures. MCNY President Vinton Thompson agreed to issue the “annual credit waiver” in honor of the late Philip NJ.
Ledgister  is a staff specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Individual Giving in the Office of Development and is Adjunct Professor of Public Administration at Metropolitan College of New York.
Most of the power has been restored to more than 2 million customers who lost electricity because of Sandy, though lights started flickering off again Wednesday night as a new storm raked the region. His emotional account of the selfless service and professional conduct of the organization in helping him, resulted in him joining their relief efforts, capped off an evening, which left many in attendance eager to come on board.

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