Emergency Management demands a students to have excellent critical-thinking, analytical, communication, and organization skills. The BS in Fire & Emergency Management and MS in Fire & Emergency Services programs at Kaplan University are designed to teach the latest in technological advances in the emergency services field. The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management from Grand Canyon University is designed for the working professional with at least two years of college experience. The BAM in Disaster Management and MPH in Disaster Management are programs that both have at their core the study of accessing, preparing, and mitigating disaster.
The MS and MBA in Public Administration program at Argosy University offers a dynamic course selection that develops problem solving which can be applied to emergency preparedness situations. The MS in Fire & Emergency Services program at Eastern Kentucky University features a curriculum designed to offer students with the most up-to-date knowledge of the expanding field of emergency services. The term emergency management can refer to a municipality’s strategies for dealing with major emergencies or disasters, whether natural or man-made, but it also refers to a corporation or organizations plan for dealing with unexpected setbacks or major upsets . The following four skills are the cornerstones of any emergency management effort, as laid out by the U.S. Preparedness: Having responses ready, and knowing exactly what to do in the event of a particular emergency, so there is no time lost between when an emergency happens and when the response is initiated. Response: Carrying out emergency responses smoothly and efficiently is a discipline unto itself, and there are whole courses dedicated to perfecting this skill, designing responses, and executing them flawlessly.
Recovery: No matter how well the above steps go, damage will be done in the event of an emergency, and someone needs to be on deck to design a recovery plan and make it happen. The field of emergency management often requires a few people to mobilize many people and get them to respond in the safest and most efficient way to the emergency at hand.
Earning a degree in emergency management requires quick thinking, good leadership skills, and the ability to rapidly asses and respond to unexpected situations. Many of the skills involved in emergency management involve self-control and the ability to remain calm and influence those around you to take logical steps toward mitigating disaster.
Government grants are available for nearly any kind of degree, and any student can apply for government funding using the handy Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford and Perkins loans: Loans with low, fixed interest rates and repayment plans that can adapt based on income and other financial factors. Pell Grants: Usually reserved for students with obvious financial need, these grants do not need to be repaid, but a high level of performance in school is required to maintain the grant from year to year. Tax Credits: The IRS lets students write off money used to pay for education, thereby saving them money when tax time rolls around.
There are several colleges across the globe where degrees are offered in the field of emergency management. The list below shows some of the colleges and universities offering emergency management degrees. The salary of someone with an emergency management degree usually depends on the specialization, experience in the field, personal skill level, and location of the workplace. The biggest employers of emergency management specialists and directors are local and state governments, although there are careers available in an array of private companies.
Emergency management can include a broad range of careers from the private sector to national disaster agencies.

Emergency management careers are often characterized by long periods of planning and waiting and brief, intense bursts of response and activity.
Those who live in earthquake prone areas are advised to prepare to survive for at least 72 hours following an earthquake. The forum offered breakout sessions on a range of topics relating to the theme, such as making critical decisions in an emergency situation, integrating resources, utilizing technologies, and communicating with the public and emergency responders during power outages. A separate, but related session focused on the use of social media during the first 72 hours of a disaster. Overall, the Oak Ridge Emergency Management Forum provided professionals and students alike a unique education on efforts involved in managing disasters. Lux Intelligent can be installed on a single panel that supports up to 249 luminaires, or integrated into a network that supports up to 200 panels. Global fire systems operator Advanced has announced the launch of Lux Intelligence, a mobile-enabled emergency lighting testing system with cloud monitoring capabilities. The automatic test system displays the activity and functionality of connected lighting without the need for physical intervention. Boasting time and cost savings, the Lux Intelligent system is compliant with BS5266-1, a code of practice for emergency escape lighting on premises. Once installed, the entirety of the network can be accessed through mobile devices, as well as via the cloud. Advanced has developed and manufactured a variety of products in the realm of intelligent fire systems.
In a situation where any assets belong to the public or an organization are threatened, either with physical destruction, as in the case of a natural disaster, or with more ethereal perils, like unexpected financial loss, the principles of emergency management can help the organization protect their core assets and come out stronger. There are some places that frequently have earthquakes, and emergency managers use that knowledge to prepare those areas and minimize the damage when they actually occur. Having these plans in place ahead of time is useful, but to get the full value of well-made plans, good leaders are needed, and people trained in emergency management should have the skills to make this happen. This often means using mass address tools, such as emergency warning systems, television and radio broadcasts. There are a few colleges offering accredited degrees in emergency management online, and you can get in touch with them to find out more about specific program requirements, credit transferability, and how long it will take to graduate. Click on the link provided next to each name to access information about the university and the courses they offer. The best paying emergency management jobs are in oil and gas extraction operations, followed by electric power companies and waste treatment organizations. There are endless opportunities for an emergency management professional as they are in demand in many industries. Department of Homeland Security has its own agency, called the Federal Emergency Management Agency, that specifically deals with preparing for and responding to national emergencies, such as national security threats or major disasters. People who like to help others, and who have the patience to watch and wait while being able to kick into high gear at a moment’s notice, will likely excel in the field. The actions of emergency responders and emergency managers is likewise critical in response to an earthquake, or any other type of disaster when life safety is of concern. Panelists discussed lessons learned from recent disasters, including ice storms that impacted the greater Central Tennessee region in February 2015, a train derailment that occurred in Blount County, Tennessee, and a mass shooting incident that occurred the same month in Chattanooga.

The reality of social media will need to be faced by emergency managers, both now and in the future.
It can serve as an almost instantaneous route of information that can reach almost everyone. The lectures gave the attendees valuable insight and perspective, particularly for the students in attendance who are pursuing careers in the field. The system can be installed as a single panel that manages up to four loops, each supporting up to 249 luminaires. Whether in large projects or in multiple sites across the world, e-mail maintenance and test reports can be shared amongst the respective engineer and maintenance crew.
The company’s portfolio includes multi-protocol fire panels, complete fire detection systems, extinguishing controls, emergency lighting testing and fire paging systems.
However, it cannot not be stated enough the important role emergency management plays in our society. While most people think fires and earthquakes when they see the word emergency, there are a range of other events that can be considered emergencies, and emergency management skills apply to all of them, meaning that many industries have job offerings for people with degrees in this field. They can be employed as instructors, emergency handling officials, educators, or even high level managers who develop and implement their own strategies.
This agency hires emergency managers and responders to do everything from answer emergency phone calls to search and rescue operations and other emergency response actions.
EKU students had the opportunity to learn about actions required during this critical period during an emergency management forum in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, in mid-October. Oak Ridge National Lab has a full-time position dealing with social media; however, many state and local agencies rely on public information officers or require that social media monitoring and communications by handled by others. Resources can be rallied at a moment’s notice, and warnings can be given rapidly to huge numbers of people and their families. Laura Derringer, EKU students enrolled in the undergraduate Homeland Security Program, and Dr. We have gathered the top online emergency management and other public safety degrees below for your convenience. Their main mission is to provide communications capabilities to not only first responders, but also to victims in the disaster area.
Networks can be set up where people can check-in with families and friends, even with power outages. They bring in various mobile facilities to provide internet and phone access to those who need to charge electronics, check email, call friends and family members, and file Federal Emergency Management Agency Individual Assistance claims. It goes without saying that this is a significant help in disaster-stricken communities, not only to their communications capabilities, but also in the overall morale of the community.

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