Our emergency oxygen program is designed for layperson's administration and will dramatically increase your level of preparedness. The Northwind training program has received "Outstanding" marks for quality of training and effectiveness. Keeping First Aid Supplies stocked and available is the best way to keep employees safe, healthy and on the job.
Be confident that your Eye Wash Stations are being professionally serviced in accordance to strict guidlines for cleanliness and sanitation.
Northwind Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Annual Maintenance help reduce the risk of damage to your facility, injuries to your employees and customers, and fines for fire code noncompliance.
The foundation of the Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) Program was established in 1969 with the enactment of Public Law 91-79, which authorized the President to provide grants to states for the development of disaster relief plans and the development of emergency management agencies. Today, the EMPG is authorized by the Post Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act, as amended, the Robert T. Title VI of the Stafford Act authorizes FEMA to make grants for the purpose of providing a system of emergency preparedness for the protection of life and property in the United States from hazards and to vest responsibility for emergency preparedness jointly in the Federal Government, States, and their political subdivisions. In the event of an emergency, the City of London has an Emergency Response Plan in place and trained emergency response teams available to take action 24 hours per day,365 days per year.
The City of London Emergency Response Plan (LERP) outlines roles and responsibilities of essential personnel to ensure that essential services are provided to the community throughout the emergency. One of the requirements under the Provincial legislation is for each municipality to have a by-law that authorizes its emergency management program and emergency response plan.

Responsibility for implementing and maintaining London's emergency management program rests with the Corporate Security and Emergency Management Division. Our Division works closely with our partner agencies and organizations to ensure our program is comprehensive and promotes interagency collaboration. The Community Emergency Management Program Committee (CEMPC)'s mandate is to oversee and direct the implementation of emergency preparedness standards. Each year, London's Community Emergency Management Program Committee conducts intensive three-day training sessions for individuals involved in emergency management.
This comprehensive Basic Emergency Management course encourages participants to have an understanding of the Province's risk-based methodology, how it impacts on their organization, and what the City of London is doing to meet these standards. This Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (OFMEM) course provides participants with an excellent understanding of the key concepts of the Provincially mandated Community Emergency Management Program. Anyone working for an organization involved in emergency management in London who would like more information on our training program, please contact Cori Woods at 519-661-2500 ext. We work with your leadership to create a culture of safety and an uncompromising vision – to save lives! WorkSafe™ continuously monitors your AED program to ensure 100% compliance – your equipment is at the ready, your workforce knows the plan, and your ERT is trained and prepared to respond! You can access information regarding each device in your program from expiration dates to maintenance reports.
Northwind offers an inexpensive approach to discarding medical waste while complying with State EPA and DOT regulations.

The 1969 law, which was set to expire one-year after enactment, was made permanent through the Disaster Relief Act of 1970.
Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, as amended, the Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act of 1977, as amended, and the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, as amended. Every day these emergency response teams work together to effectively respond to emergencies. It also outlines how the City co-ordinates with community agencies as hospitals, schools, utilities, telephone and volunteer groups like Red Cross, Salvation Army and St.
London's By-law was passed by City Council on December 18, 2014  and is included in the front of the Emergency Response Plan. These training courses are a co-operative project of Corporate Security and Emergency Management and agencies participating in the emergency management program. For further information on Emergency Management training available through the OFMEM, click here. It remains is the only federal preparedness funding opportunity with a mandate that states offer sub grants to local emergency management agencies.
In the case of a disaster, we are prepared and we respond as a unified team to deal with the situation.

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