During the response phase of a level 2 or level 3 emergency, the university will activate the EMP to assess, contain, resolve and recover from an emergency. Emergency Support Function (ESF) Annexes identify the primary and support functions for each ESF. Hazard-Specific Annexes describe strategies for managing missions for a specific hazard as identified by CIPG in the risk assessment process. The IMT will establish procedures and policies to assist FHSU resume normal operations after an emergency. Copyright © 2009-2016 Fort Hays State University Contact Webmasterwith any questions or comments concerning this Web site. Alexander County Emergency Management is a division of Alexander County Emergency Services, with offices located at 81 Liledoun Road in Taylorsville.

Through our statewide communications network and unique infrastructure, our stations provide key safety and evacuation information updates to residents during hurricanes and other natural disasters. Responses to emergencies vary greatly depending upon the severity, magnitude, duration and intensity of the event. The ESF Annex describes tasks assigned to members of the IMT and other parties, including nongovernmental partners. Typically, this includes common information such as a list of terms and definitions, guidelines for EOP revision, or an EOP exercise program. Each Support Annex defines the specific roles of the university IMT members throughout an event. The type and breadth of recovery activities will vary based on the nature and scope of the emergency.

However, the goal of both the Response and Recovery phases is to restore the learning environment and normal university operations. Planning for Recovery begins in the Preparedness phase and requires support from campus leaders to ensure that decisions contribute to recovery.

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