The Planning Section is responsible for the State Emergency Operations Plan, State Disaster Recovery Plan, Continuity of Operations Plans, other operational plans, procedures manuals, and assisting other state agencies in their planning efforts. The State Emergency Operations Center Procedures Manuals are also maintained by the Planning Section.
The Pre-Incident Procedures Manual is a tool designed by SDOEM to refine hazard-specific preparedness activities.
The State Disaster Recovery Plan is structured much like the State Emergency Operations Plan, but its purpose it to ensure the most efficient and effective state coordination to assist local jurisdictions in the recovery phase of any disaster. The Continuity of Operations Plan prepares stakeholders to continue completing their essential functions during any incident or emergency that may disrupt normal operations. The Planning Section considers all of the aforementioned plans and manuals living documents.
Note that a more comprehensive organizational chart may be required for larger or full-scale exercises.
Furthermore, Logistics may be expanded to include transportation, public works, health (ie.
Purpose: The Activity Log (IMS 214) records details of notable activities of individual or team resources at various IMS organizational levels, including Units, single resources, Strike Teams, Task Forces, etc. Distribution: Completed IMS 214 forms are submitted to supervisors, who forward them to the Documentation Unit.

The Planning Section works with multiple state agencies and non-governmental entities in the planning process to ensure the most efficient and effective state response to any situation.
It documents the policies, concept of operations, organizational structures, and specific responsibilities of state agencies in their response to provide for the safety and welfare of its citizens.
These manuals contain position descriptions, checklists, and other supporting materials to ensure the State Emergency Operations Center runs smoothly and efficiently.
In South Dakota, all state agencies are required to create and maintain a Continuity of Operations Plan for their agencies.
This means all of the documents are continually revised to incorporate lessons learned in past disaster experiences, training opportunities, and exercises. Though it presents some of the basic functions of an exercise planning team, it can be modified to suit the needs of your particular exercise, its objectives and degree of complexity, and your available resources. For example, in addition to the involvement of police, fire, and EMS are part of Operations during an exercise, it may be of interest to you to involve other entities, such as public works and hospitals. Activity Logs should be maintained by all individuals involved in incident response (where feasible).
All completed original forms must be given to the Documentation Unit, which maintains a file of all IMS 214 forms. Normal functions that do not contribute to the emergency operation may be suspended or redirected for the duration of the emergency.

It addresses the need for preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation activities to enhance the state's overall capability to cope with potential hazards. Planners with the South Dakota Office of Emergency Management coordinate planning efforts, host continuity training opportunities, and manage the state continuity planning software to ensure all state agencies and several other entities are able to continue completing their essential functions when any array of circumstances might otherwise interfere with normal operations. For further support to the Planning team, exercise documentation and evaluation may be joined by a simulation team, particularly in larger exercises. Activity Logs may also be maintained at the group level (units, strike teams, task forces, etc.). It is the responsibility of each state agency to respond in a manner consistent with its capabilities as identified and agreed to in this plan.
These logs provide a basic reference from which to extract information for inclusion in any after-action report.

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