The Maternity Assessment Unit offers advice, support and monitoring for mothers-to-be, and in particular women with complicated pregnancies and conditions such as diabetes and a history of miscarriages.
There are three ultrasound rooms, where ultrasonographers and obstetric consultants scan women to check the development of their babies.
The recovery room is used to care for women recovering from caesarean section or other obstetric surgery.
This room is where ladies who have serious problems such as Pre-eclampsia will be throughout their labour and birth. For women who experience the death of their baby the snowdrop suite is situated within the Delivery Suite and provides care in labour and the birth. This is the room you and your birth partners will stay in throughout your labour and birth. The Triage area has five beds and is where midwives can assess women at any stage of their pregnancy if they have encountered problems eg. There are two rooms where parents of babies being cared for in the neonatal unit can stay overnight.
There are two Special Care Nurseries in the neonatal unit, one with eight cots and one with six. This nursery includes ten Intensive Care cots, with all the necessary equipment to care for sick and premature babies. These rooms can be used if a baby needs to be cared for separately from the main Special Care nurseries. Our Transitional Care room has four beds and cots, where babies who require a higher level of care than that available on the Maternity Ward can stay, together with their mother.
On the Birth Unit you will be able to remain in this room throughout your labour and birth until you go home either later the same day or the following morning.
The Maternity Ward has eighteen single rooms, each ensuite, for antenatal women and postnatal women with their babies.

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The Emergency Obstetric Unit is for expectant mothers who may have concerns or worries about their pregnancy. The Emergency Obstetric Unit is run by a team of experienced Midwives who provide support and advice to mothers. Any pregnant mother who has booked within the South Eastern Trust Maternity Units can come to the Emergency Obstetric Unit.
These are examples of some concerns about which you may wish to contact the unit for advice. You are welcome to contact us directly and speak to a midwife, either to seek advice or to arrange a time to attend. Screening tests are also carried out in the Emergency Obstetric Unit and outpatient care given to mothers who have antenatal problems but do not have to be admitted to hospital, for example raised blood pressure. Adam was born in New South Wales and was educated at the prestigious Scots College in Sydney. He has worked both in Australia and United Kingdom for some of the largest newspapers in the two respective countries.
He joined APN as a senior journalist at The Chronicle in Toowoomba in 2010, before moving to APN’S Brisbane Newsdesk in 2013 where he covered politics and court.
ALMOST 20% of patients at New South Wales hospital emergency departments are still waiting more than four hours to get treatment, with regional areas still not improving, new health data shows. The National Health Performance Authority on Thursday reported its latest data on waiting times, showing marked improvements in major city hospitals. Across the nation, the lowest performing metropolitan hospitals increased the number of patients seen within four hours from 35% to 51% from 2011 to 2013. In NSW, most hospitals were still seeing only 71% of patients within the four-hour timeframe last year, despite a national target of 90% of ED presentations.

Those figures were backed by relatively poor performance at many major regional hospitals, seeing between 49% and 65% of patients in less than four hours. That data was largely unchanged for regional hospitals, with improvements ranging between 0% and 6% for most hospitals.
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Please remember to bring your hospital notes with you if you are coming to the Emergency Obstetric Unit. As there is no appointment system in the Emergency Obstetric Unit, you may have to wait for a while before being seen. However, our triage system will ensure that labouring mothers and emergencies are given priority. Whats On13th Apr 2016 5:00 AMComment My Kitchen Rules' top five teams prepare for ultimate cook CHRIS and Cookie crumble in cook-off against Carmine and Lauren.
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