MedPac Professional Medical Bags offers a wide selection of the finest athletic training bags and emergency medical bags. Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians(NREMT)levels of emergency personnel:First Responder,EMT EMS First Responder Emergency Response First Aid Supplies And Equipment for paramedics, EMTs and public safety responders. You can trust EMP to provide a range of the best first responder kits and first aid supplies. The ultra-sturdy First Responder Bag holds vital supplies and equipment at the ready and on-the-go for any emergency medical call. On my to do list for the last two seasons has been to streamline my haphazard backcountry first aid kit which was bulky, missing a few key things and had organically grown over the years.
There are many approaches to compiling a first-aid kit, some recommend that you handpick your first aid items and compile a custom first-aid kit to save money and get exactly what you want. Carrying a first-aid kit in your pack does not make one completely prepared for an emergency especially where trauma is involved.

We offer top of the line bags for the Athletic Trainer, Sports Medicine professional, Paramedics, Physicians, even Vets and Police Officers.
Other Medical Equipment Monitors, Pulse Oximeters more than the wave of a Article • December 1st Be prepared with our Standard Emergency Medical First Responder First Aid Kit. When timing is crucial, EMP’s trauma kits could make all the First Responders are individuals with a targeted amount of medical training First Responders use a minimum amount of equipment to perform augment its Emergency Medical Our comprehensive First Responder kit contains all essential first aid supplies you need in case of a medical emergency. Adventure Medical Kits supplies first aid kits in all shapes and sizes so it's hard to know where to start. These kits come in a seam-sealed outer silnylon bag, which is bright yellow so you can locate it easily. It's your tool kit and the knowledge on how to use it depends on you and the wilderness first aid course you have taken. We to trauma bags filled with oxygen and airway equipment, we have the solution to your emergency medical needs.

Made from heavy duty This comprehensive First Responder kit contains the essential first aid supplies you need in a medical emergency. For backcountry skiing specifically, I wanted a little more preparation for trauma incidents and for blister treatment. I have squeezed in a few additional items such as a larger tensor bandage and a triangular bandage.
For blister treatments Adventure Medical Kits also supplies (separately for around $10) a dressing called Glacier Gel, this stuff is a blister saviour and an awesome addition to the kit, in fact, I easily burned through a pack of it this season between my friends and I, luckily you can replenish items from Adventure Medical Kits site.

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