In a disaster power and communication infrastructure is often damaged which means there is no way to communicate. Every Chrysalis administrator receives a portable HAM radio and is a federally licensed HAM radio operator.
Each house is equipped with an emergency 72 hour kit as well as additional emergency food storage that will feed both the individuals being served as well as the staff.
Every Chrysalis employee is trained in CPR and First Aid and each house contains an emergency first aid kit to treat minor wounds caused by the disaster.
Following Hurricane Katrina and the California wild fires the National Council on Disability issued a report stating that most government plans fail to consider the most vulnerable Americans in their emergency plans. Emergency planners and government officials are generally unfamiliar and unaware of the unique needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. At Chrysalis we feel that the responsibility of preparedness starts with the person and with Chrysalis. Washington County MRC is comprised of licensed healthcare professionals from a variety of disciplines which include alternative care providers.
During the height of the H1N1 pandemic, MRC volunteers were invaluable partners with Washington County during the vaccination campaign.
The NOMRC needs practicing or retired Louisiana licensed health care professionals or anyone involved in the public health field. Shelter and Radiation Reception Center Exercise: Saturday, May 7, 8am-12pm at the Sanchez Center, 1616 Caffin Avenue, NOLA 70117. All NOMRC members are required to complete three trainings prior to being deployed for an emergency. FEMA IS-700 is an introduction to national incident management system and will show volunteers how agencies respond and coordinate services during emergencies.
Optional trainings, exercises and volunteer activities will be held throughout the year to provide volunteers with additional emergency response-related skills.

We kicked off the New Orleans Radiation Response Volunteer Corps (NORRVC) with our first orientation. The NOMRC operated six first aid stations on the K10 Day of Service, August 29th, in partnership with NOEMS VIGORs.
The months of May, June, and July were packed with outreach to senior living facilities, health fairs, and community meetings. At our annual Hurricane Season Training in May, NOMRC members were trained in outreach, body mechanics, sheltering, evacuation, call center operations, and working with individuals with special needs.
Over the course of Mardi Gras weekend, several of our volunteers, along with volunteers from EMS, joined together to operate 3 First Aid Stations on three of the biggest parade days.
MRC volunteers and NOHD staff, along with staff from the Department of Health and Hospitals Office of Public Health, attended the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene to distribute Ebola awareness materials. MRC volunteers got together to do some brainstorming at our strategic planning meeting. On Sunday, August 24th, the New Orleans Health Department opened an emergency cooling shelter due to a heat advisory for a heat index over 105.
Three NOMRC volunteers were trained and certified alongside New Orleans Health Department staff on Basic Life Support CPR.  Thank you, New Orleans Emergency Medical Services, for hosting the training! The National Weather Service taught 5 MRC members and other local volunteers about the different ways to spot and report a variety of weather events. NOMRC members and the New Orleans Health Department gave out free flu shots to 44 people at NOLA 4 Life Day in Central City.
The NOMRC, Red Cross and New Orleans EMS operated 19 first aid stations over 6 days of Mardi Gras parades.
To prepare for Mardi Gras first aid stations, MRC members became certified in CPR and First Aid. MRC members came together at NOLA Brewing Company to celebrate the start of 2016 and another year of service with the Medical Reserve Corps.

History has shown that we can't expect emergency services to support our individuals in the beginning. Read about the National MRC inception, interesting facts and data on the Medical Reserve Corps Fact SheetA (PDF).
Call Days take place in City Hall, 1300 Perdido Street, 8th floor in the Health Department. This training will give you a basic understanding of NOMRC's role during public health emergencies, what you can expect when you deploy, and the MRC core competencies.
11 members from the NOMRC participated in the introductory training on the basics of radiation and community reception centers. We served over 100 people and contributed over 80 hours of volunteer time to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. They enjoyed conversation, fun and games as well as got to share some of their favorite recipes with their peers.
They volunteered at a table during registration to pass out general information and answer questions. The team set some goals for future recruitment efforts which will all be used to create our plan for the upcoming year. The shelter was set up with the help of MRC volunteers and brought in nine people who needed a cold drink, a meal and a place to cool off.
Look out for more trainings in the future on radiation preparedness, psychological first aid, and community reception centers!

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