Seat belts save lives now you can buckle up with security and reduce the possibility of injuring your ostomy. Available in Black, Blue Denim, Multi Colour Print, Blue Pint, Pink, Brown and New Black denim. The comfy drive works by having a sponge block either side of your stoma pouch which hold’s the lap part of the seatbelt away from the stoma hence not causing irritation of the stoma. Co-ordinate with your car interior from the drop down list of colors below – One size fits all. The smooth inside immediately connects with the skin, adapts to the body temperature and, therefore, is not noticeable anymore.
You can cut the hole through which the pouch is pulled into the pocket, depending on the type of your ostomy appliance and the size of the click ring. Please, put on the bandage in such a way that the rubber side has direct contact to your skin. If the bandage doesn’t fit perfectly, please, get in touch with us so that we can send you another standard size or another in-between size by post.
Open the Wombat-pocket, adjusting the bandage in such a way that your pouch is completely and evenly covered.
Close the Wombat-pocket with the sideways adjustable touch fasteners so that the pouch can still fill up. Our neoprene products are latex-free, and they are tested for skin compatibility by the Fresenius Institute. Our products are protected by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) and the European Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market (trade mark, models and designs). U-drain is the revolutionary Urine drainage system that replaces standard night drainage bags & bottles. The system is permanently fitted into the Users home (bedroom or other rooms if required), Installation should take between 1-3 hours. The U-drain system consist of an internal wall socket positioned next to the users bed, this is connected to the house drainage system. The user simply connects their Urostomy appliance or leg bag (or other appliance) to the wall socket at night and disconnects it in the morning, then flush the system with water & disinfectant using the syringe provided. The internal connection tubing that connects the User to the socket is changed every 7 days. We have created a U-drain Disinfectant, this is recommended for use with the system and is available for purchase. I was very honored to be asked by the WOCN (Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses) Society to write a guest post for their blog. It’s a very strange feeling to wake up after a major surgery and to find something foreign attached to your body. Prior to my surgery, I had been given a lot of information about the surgery and about ostomies and I was also given an ostomy bag to take home.
After the surgery, I had two nurses who came to see me and help me with that first bag change. Even after going home, during one of my first bag changes I saw some blood, which of course freaked me out. And that’s what I think is so important for the people taking care of these individuals to understand. This entry was posted in Crohn's Disease, Ostomy, Stolen Colon, Surgery, Ulcerative Colitis and tagged colectomy, colon, colon bag, Continence Nurses, Crohn’s disease, health, hospital, IBD, ibd blog, ileostomy, ileostomy bag, ileostomy blog, nurse, ostomy, ostomy bag, ostomy blog, pain, stoma, surgery, WOCN, Wound on November 11, 2014 by Stephanie Hughes.

Stephanie you do such a great job of explaining things to those of us who have not had to go through what you have. It is a very different experience to get adjusted to whole new thing Anatomically, Physiologically and Psychologically.
As I stay in rural area of India where the expert guidance is not easily available I have to learn by own trial and error how to take care of stoma. I will always state I you need to undergo this surgery get it done life after is beautiful.
You’re a brilliant woman Stephanie and have inspired me so much by reading your blog. You pretty much got it right, for me nuts can cause minor gas so only on weekends can I eat peanut paste.
I took great pleasure in showing my new, grotesque alteration to close friends and relatives, once I grew accustomed to managing it. So I’m telling my insane tale of cancer, colostomy, and complete lunacy in my upcoming book, Anal Cancer is Really Sh*tty. Mark the click ring circularly with pencil or chalk (concerning two-piece appliances) or the passage from the base plate to the pouch (concerning one-piece appliances). The German manufacturer of neoprene regularly has the neoprene tested for skin compatibility by Fresenius. These nurses are a great resource for anyone going through surgery to get an ostomy and I am so appreciative of all they do. This blog reflects on what I was feeling right after my surgery and what I hope others will understand about what that experience is like. And sure, I held it up to my stomach to see where it would hang, but I didn’t actually stick it onto myself or practice cutting the opening.
It was the first time I had really seen it, other than a few glances at this red circle inside my new bag. The nurse I had before my surgery spent a lot of time with me and walked me through the process of picking my stoma spot.
They came back a day or two later and let me change it so I could get used to doing it, but they were there to help me figure it out and remember all of the steps. I called the WOCN department and someone told me that it was entirely normal to see some blood, but if it got worse to come back to see them.
Even if the patient is very prepared for this surgery and even excited about going through with it, nothing can prepare you for what it’s like immediately afterwards, when you’re in a lot of pain and on a lot of medications and there’s this squishy red thing hanging out of your stomach. Take the time to help them feel comfortable and try to understand what they are dealing with. Each folded or small pouch has room in the patch pocket which is tightly sealed at the bottom and open at the top. Remove the bandage and cut with a pair of sharp, curved nail scissors the now necessarily oval hole.
It was the first moment of feeling like “what have I done?” and being truly scared of how this would impact the rest of my life. They were kind and open to any questions I had about the bag itself and about living with it. When someone goes through this surgery where a part of them is taken away, it’s almost like a death in the family. Reinforce that there are lots of bag choices and they don’t have to stare through a clear window at their poop for the rest of their lives if they don’t want to.
Take the time to talk with them about how placement of the stoma may affect their experience.

Like you’re saying, although I knew that it will be there when I wake up, seeing it is totally different. I’ve had a couple of concerns pop up along the way that I reached out the the nurses and doctors for, but thankfully all things that could be easily dealt with.
Every few minutes, I’d run to the bathroom, check for poop, pop off the bag, and thoroughly clean it.
But still… I would pop those off and wipe out every little glob, and snap the empty bag back onto the wafer.
Sidewise, the bandage is to be closed with an adjustable touch fastener and can quite easily be adjusted to the individual stool frequency. This bandage should fit so tightly that your stomach or an already existing hernia is supported.
I think I held my breath for the first minute, but I kept it together while the nurses were there, trying to focus on asking them any questions that I had. Even as I’m writing this, I feel the tears coming to my eyes because I remember so well that feeling of loss and of helplessness in that moment.
You immediately feel like your life is changed and there’s no going back to the way it was. Keep helping them discover all of the great places to look for tips and tricks on living with an ostomy.
This went on for weeks until I realized I was spending dlmost all of my time in the bathroom, wiping tiny bits of poop off my stoma, cleaning the bag until it was spotless… Over and over and over. Now you can put on the bandage again and pull your pouch through the hole into the Wombat-pocket. My ostomy was pretty active during this first changing, so I just dove right into some of the difficulties with managing one. This may be just another day for you, but for us, it’s the day that changes everything. I’m still thankful but once in a while it hits me again about getting used to my ileostomy bag. Although if I have 2 large meals in a day it could mean trouble with gas, blowout,constipation and active in a change.
The WOC nurses were great and showed me how to clean the area and about some of the accessories that would help me take care of it.
I prayed GOd for the relief of obstruction and some how he listened to my prayers and was relieved on the 3 rd night. My Home Care Nurse warned me that I would have ups and downs and I’m not alone and that helps.
I change pouch every 2 days so second day I take greater care, even adding extra cresant shaped bands to save bag till due time. By then, all the warm, soapy water would have softened the adhesive, allowing poop to leak under the wafer.
Should you really like to disinfect the bandage we recommend the use of commercial laundry disinfectants.

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