NHS Property Services, the firm responsible for the NHS property portfolio, has shaken up its structure to bolster its planning capabilities. The company, owned by the Department of Health, was established in April 2013 to take ownership of properties formerly in the hands of primary care trusts and strategic health authorities.
The restructuring means that it is recruiting a new national town planner to provide advice across its entire estate. NHS Property Services said: “We have redesigned our organisational structure, creating a range of new specialist roles to lead on implementing our ambitious programme to be leaders in our industry.

The new recruit would help, develop and maintain a framework for town planning activity across the company, to ensure a consistency of approach. They would also take responsibility for raising the importance of town planning throughout the company and providing training and development to other staff to raise the level of awareness of planning issues, as well as identifying opportunities for estate development and disposal. Arseny Yatsenyuk said the government was sending a bill to MPs urging that Ukraine’s non-bloc status be cancelled. The remarks come as Nato holds an emergency meeting to discuss the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

The West has stepped up its accusations of direct Russian involvement in the conflict, following advances by pro-Russian rebels.

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