The Biosecurity Incident Management System (BIMS) has been developed to provide guidance on contemporary practices for the management of biosecurity incident response and initial recovery operations in Australia. BIMS forms the basis for a consistent and effective management framework for all biosecurity incidents.
For information about the prevention of spills and containment requirements, please see the MCAS Miramar Spill Prevention, Controls and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan.

The purpose of this LMS is to provide appropriate and relevant training for Marines, Sailors and civilians working on MIRAMAR that participate in activities that may effect the environment. The emphasis in my consulting work is always on the interconnections between parts of a system and how those connections affect the success of organizational changes and new policies and programs.A  Where is the system likely to resist change?A  Are there dangerous forces that can send the organization spinning out of control in a vicious cycle of unwanted change?A  How can the system function best as it interacts with its customers or patients?

Nuclear disaster survival guide 5.4
Disaster management theory

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