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The declaration will provide federal aid in response to the advance of lava from the Kilauea Volcano. The main front of the Puna lava flow closest to the town of Pahoa has stalled, but remains active on Nov. The declaration allows for emergency protective measures under the Public Assistance Program and Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, according to a press release from Gov. Meantime, the front of a lava flow that's crept into Pahoa remained stalled Monday for the fifth day in a row and was cool enough to touch, the head of Hawaii County Civil Defense said after walking through the area Monday morning. Civil Defense officials and geologists with the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory continue to monitor several lava breakouts farther back from the flow, including two breakouts mauka of Apaa Street, Oliveira said.
Geologists from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory continue to track developments at the summit of Kilauea and the implications for the flow closer to Pahoa, which has meandered over a 13.5-mile path since it began June 27. Asked again when the flow that started June 27 might end, Oliveira said, "The (lava) tube system, or the supply system, is still active. Police had been investigating a report that a man with a clipboard allegedly was posing as a government worker Friday afternoon behind police barricades around Apaa Street. Hawaii County officials have long experience with lava flows, which can last for years in some cases.

The relatively stalled activity, he said, means that Tuesday's voting should proceed normally.
On Sunday, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory scientists said active breakouts of lava were within 11 yards of the stalled front and several hundred yards upslope. Geologists described the lava activity as "weak to moderate, with scattered sluggish breakouts emanating from various places on the inflated flow.
Fifty households in Pahoa remain on alert to potentially evacuate because of possible fires and smoke, Oliveira said. What is ISO 22000?FSMS ISO 22000 is a specification that supports organizations in managing food safety, which set forth fundamentals for safe food processing that address communication, prerequisite programs, HACCP principles within a management package. What is HACCP MS?Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Pint Management System provides a specification for organizations within the food supply chain to manage and control food hazard and risks fundamentally based 21 CFR 110 and 21 CFR 120.
We perform a systematic, independent audit of the management system to identify strengths and areas for improvement.We use a planned audit schedule to ensure the management system meets objectives and provides continual improvement in key areas.
Enviro-Safety Compliance Alternative, Inc has of many years' standing experience with consultation and guidance concerning management systems and the certification of those. OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management SystemsOHSAS 18001 is an Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system created to enable organizations to control occupational health and safety risks and to improve performances. Gap Analysis: Detailed assessment of existing health hazards and safety management practices vis-a-vis OHSAS18001 requirements.
Pre-assessment: Initial audit by Certifying agency, and, implementation of corrective actions on audit findings.

One was a quarter- to a half-mile above the waste and recycling transfer station where Apaa Street becomes Cemetery Road. But the woman who reported the incident later said it actually occurred in a different neighborhood away from the restricted area, Oliveira said. HACCP MS may apply throughout the food supply chain including farming, equipment, utensil, manufacturers, cleaning and detergents, ingredients and additives suppliers, packaging materials suppliers, food processors, catering, retailers, restaurants, logistics and transport of foods. OHSAS 18001 is designed to place a proactive and preventative emphasis on risk control factors by identifying and assessing the likelihood of hazards in the workplace. Final Assessment: Detailed assessment by the Certifying agency and recommendation for certification. Another finger remained stalled 25 feet from a fence around the transfer station and 100 yards from the $3.5 million building itself. Let's look at it this way: quality has to be done!If you want to know more about ISO 22000 and about what Enviro-Safety Compliance Alternative can do for your company concerning ISO 22000 certification, don't hesitate to contact us!

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