A $25 million wrongful-death lawsuit was filed in 2005 against the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and Amtrak by a widow of a prominent scientist who died after suffering cardiac arrest on a commuter train.
These incidents are only a few of the many over the past few years that have called into question whether AEDs are properly maintained. The lack of of such a program can jeopardize the potential successful rescue of a human life! AED maintenance package can be customized to be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. Onsite AED maintenance package can be customized to be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

To find out what AED maintenance program is best for your organization, contact us today and we’ll walk you through it.
To direct a safe, effective evacuation or disaster response, you've got to stay in contact with your dispersed team. Through these nationally adopted systems, the private organization will be able to structure their response efforts so they are consistent with local, state and federal agencies. She claimed a delay of more than 20 minutes in bringing a defibrillator to his aid caused his death. When witnesses brought two separate AEDs to his side to try to save his life, one had expired electrode pads and the second had an expired battery pack.

Pricing depend on several factors, including: Quantity of AEDs, AED Locations, Frequeancy of onsite inspections, Online tracking program, Annual training, And other options. With this product you can be in control of all of your records - CPR training, AED expiration dates, etc. Recent disasters showed that you can't rely on telephones. But you can establish solid, on-the-move communications with our Mobile Incident Command Kit.

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