Stage I -Preparing for a disaster Disaster preparedness includes all of the activities that need to be carried out prior to a disaster to ensure that disaster response activities run as smoothly as possible.
Disaster Recovery is the coordinated process of restoring systems, infrastructure and basic services required to support the community. In any disaster event, volunteers are needed Before disaster happens- to help with mitigation and disaster preparedness education. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Every day, public health works to prolong life and promote community health through disease prevention, control of environmental health hazards, and attention to the health needs of vulnerable population groups. The Western UP Health Department works with local hospitals, emergency medical teams, county emergency planners, and regional, state and federal authorities to develop and exercise procedures to protect public health in the face of a wide range of possible emergencies, including natural disasters, contaminated food or water supplies, communicable disease outbreaks, and the potential use of biological, chemical or radiological weapons. For more information regarding local public health emergency preparedness, please contact Pete Baril, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, at (906) 482-7382 x 155. While we cannot know when disaster or public health emergencies will strike, preparing for the unexpected can help you and your family deal with emergencies more efficiently and effectively. Make a Plan: Make sure all family members know and understand what to do and where to go in case of emergency.

Be Informed: Learn how to shelter in place, how to cope with the aftermath of disasters, and what terms such as quarantine and isolation mean.
Have skills you’d like to share in the event of a local natural or public health emergency? To become a National Emergency Preparedness Coalition member an organization need only agree to participate in an activity or event during the month of September.
FEMA’s Pledge to Prepare site or Federal Signal’s Emergency Preparedness webpage to start your plans today. PREPAREDNESS This stage of planning includes the drafting of plans and forms needed in the event of a disaster. RESPONSE This stage refers to events that take place directly preceding or following a disaster, including the evacuation, sheltering, feeding and caring for disaster victims.
This typically means that disaster and business continuity plans are in place, understood and ready to be used. The recovery period has two stages: The first stage is to provide immediate relief to survivors. Advance planning and preparations help minimize the potential damages, loss of lives and properties.

Response efforts are controlled and directed by government officials, often with assistance from nonprofit response organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army.
This includes both the physical reconstruction of the community and the psychological, financial and emotional support needed to heal a community in the wake of a disaster. Special paperwork needed in a disaster is approved and printed, and conversations take place between parties needing to work together in a disaster relief scenario. The Second stage of recovery is long term recovery, which may take weeks, months and sometimes years. Pre-disaster activities may include interactions with community organizations, internal meetings, the drafting of special disaster procedures and other activities that help to ensure that the foundation and community are adequately prepared for a disaster. Long Term Recovery is needed when survivors do not have the sufficient resources to meet their needs.

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