ATLAS BOMB SHELTERS are the most unique and safest galvanized corrugated pipe shelters on the market today.
This type of bunker has a 20 year proven record and is the best NBC fallout shelter for the money!
As with any sort of preparation for all types of emergencies, make sure to put together a grab bag full of survival supplies (see image on the left). Beehive Shelters are constructed with pre-fabricated panels that have been pre-engineered, providing you the peace of mind of knowing that your shelter will protect you no matter what. Beehive Shelters uses a unique, patented technique to ensure that each shelter can withstand a three-bar blast.
Beehive Shelter Systems uses an innovative method of concrete casting to ensure maximum strength of the shelter. Your entire Beehive Shelter is manufactured within weeks of design completion and subsequently shipped to your location, providing you with your final product in a fraction of the time other companies take to install underground shelters. Our in-house design and engineering team will convert your idea of the perfect shelter into reality. Beehive Shelter’s cost-effective engineering methods allow us to bring you the luxury of the strongest, top-quality shelter without the enormous cost generally associated with underground shelters.
Just as the bees create a beehive in close proximity to its food source so the Beehive Shelter Systems allows the client incredible flexibility to install this system anywhere it will be needed.
The key to this flexibility is in the design and pre-fabricated panel system which minimizes the typical "cast-in-place" construction job staging.
Our professional design team oversees the entire design, construction and installation process to ensure quality control of your Beehive Shelter. In a business where discretion is absolutely paramount, Beehive Shelter Systems can provide shelters that can be installed quickly and discreetly. Access hatches to your Beehive Shelter can be placed and hidden anywhere without interfering with the aesthetics of your property or advertising the location of entrance to your shelter. The design for the Beehive Shelters has been engineered and tested to ensure that your shelter is ready to be manufactured and installed as quickly as possible.
Because Beehive Shelters are constructed with pre-fabricated concrete panels, you can build your shelter virtually anywhere you want.
The Ceilings - Pattented ceiling pieces are applied and securely adhered across the entire honeycomb structure. Concrete Topcoat - A reinforced super-ceiling is poured on top of the ceiling pieces already installed.

Shelter Systems Installed - The ventilation and other critical systems are then put into place and tested to assure life support and comfort in the shelter. Like It Was Never There - The Beehive Shelter is buried with the exception of ventilation and access points. With Atlas, you get one main hatch and one emergency hatch that is completely concealed 12 inches below the surface.
It has a master bedroom with a Queen size bed on one end and 8-10 bunk beds on the opposite end of the shelter with shower and toilet.
The spot shouldn’t be too difficult to reach from home, and, more importantly, needs to be chosen with the potential outreach of the disaster in mind.
If you do decide to go with the isolated shelter, find access to water nearby or keep it well-stocked. Our panels are fabricated in a controlled environment combining the strength of steel and concrete without the negative weakening effects of moisture or temperature which result from construction in the field. Depending on your occupancy needs, you can easily expand your shelter to accommodate your needs thanks to our innovative beehive-shaped design. Though you can’t predict when and where disaster will strike next, you can be prepared to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your livelihood when calamities arise. Remote jobsites where it is almost impossible to get crews and materials into are easily accessible to this type of process. From the initial design consultation to post-construction site inspection, we are available and ready to answer any questions you may have and handle any issues that may arise throughout the building process. Unlike ordinary shelters where the construction site is open to the public view for months if not years, our shelters can be transported to the site and installed with minimal pubic exposure. With the crucial engineering process already out of the way, we can ensure that your shelter is safe and ready for occupancy when you request it. You can then landscape or develop the site as though the shelter wasn't even there (but you know it IS there when you need it).
In case an intruder tries to enter your bunker through the main hatch, you have a means to escape through the ATLAS ESCAPE HATCH and eliminating the intruder from behind. In the middle is a spacious den with a 4 person fixed dinner table, 48" desk and a reclining couch and entertainment center with 46" big screen tv. Plan ahead with food, too; have some set aside for emergency use only or know where you can get it in case of one. The versatile hexagonal floor plan allows us to capitalize on the location and area of the shelter while incorporating your unique input to create the shelter best suited for you and your needs.

The loads on the shelter are transferred throughout the entire system, meaning that you don’t have to trade strength for space.
There are many factors to consider when setting up a bug-out location, the most important of which center around the home’s environment. In areas where an extreme weather warning will provide for enough time to plan and pack, remember: distance from the potential outreach of the disaster is crucial. When the term “bug-out location” comes up, often, people immediately think bomb shelter or isolated mountain home. Each unit can stand alone or cohere to another, capable of creating entire communities of underground shelters.
From bad weather to major economic collapse, having a safe location to bail to in case of a catastrophic event is crucial to any family’s emergency preparation plans. Have the bug-out location be as far away as possible without being beyond the reach of a tank of gas or two and still potentially being in harm’s way. While these can be very, very effective housing solutions during a big-time disaster, they aren’t really that common or the most economical of choices or even necessary.
For something even more widespread, such as an economic collapse or military disaster, it’s less “how far from home” and more “how far from civilization” (think complete isolation here). The homes of family and friends, if available, would work – just make sure to discuss it being an option beforehand. Communicate; perhaps, come up with separate evac plans that would allow either your family or theirs to use the other’s home as shelter for a time until the danger passes on or until other plans are arranged.
A spare plot of land in rural area can be acquired and developed to allow for a short stay without much of a supplemental strain being placed on a family during the time spent there. This could even serve simply as an over-sized emergency food and supplies storage away from home, or a survivalist’s supply drop of sorts. While not the cheapest of options (and maybe not even a real possibility due to a lack of developmental land for sale within that gas-tank or two driving distance), it too would serve its purpose well if the opportunity to purchase were to present itself.

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