For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. Dust masks are used to prevent the inhalation of airborne particles from such sources as fire, volcanic eruption or dust storm. In the aftermath of a disaster gas explosion, earthquake, hurricane, volcano, tornado, tsunami, winter storm, terrorist attack, flood, fire, accident or other emergency, contaminants will be released into the air. It also has full guides for first aid and survival situations, which may be vital in the event of a disaster.

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Face masks are also helpful in preventing and aiding in the prevention and the spread of disease, flu, etc. It is important to have an air filtration mechanism such as a dust mask or particulate air filter.
Anyways, figure out what emergency kits are most important and work on those first!I really do like how Boltwell made it simple and made a kit for each natural disaster or scenario.

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