How proactive is your company about planning ahead for emergencies and about training employees on related procedures? While many employees were able to point to the presence of proper reactive solutions, such as first-aid cabinets, they also said their employers do not follow up with related employee education and regular maintenance of such items.
FosterThomas is a leading professional services company that provides solutions in the areas of Human Resources Consulting and Outsourcing, HR Staffing, Outsourced Recruiting, Employee Benefits Brokerage, Payroll Implementation and Services, HR for Government Contractors, Business Insurance, HR Compliance and Risk Management. Sexual orientation discrimination Was benefits denial to employee’s unmarried same-sex partner legal? National Preparedness Month is an annual national campaign that takes place in September and as we head into the colder months,  it’s a good time to remind people to prepare themselves, their communities, and their workplaces for any kind of emergency event or disaster.
The Maine Emergency Management Agency, or MEMA, is our state’s lead agency that coordinates emergency management activities.
Did you know, though, that every county in Maine also has a dedicated Emergency Management Agency? We also partner with advocacy organizations like AARP to make sure we have thought about and can provide appropriate support to all of our residents. Last winter, you’ll recall we had nearly two months of extremely frigid temperatures coupled with an ice storm that, while not as extreme as the ice storm of 1998, caused problems for a lot of people, especially in central Maine and Downeast.
It’s always a good idea to invest in a back-up generator, but we cannot stress enough the importance of knowing how to properly use one and, above all else, operating it in a well-ventilated space away from living areas of your house. A preparedness kit is a collection of items that are important to help families provide for themselves in cases of power outages or a disaster. If yours is like other companies in a recent survey, it probably needs to improve its approach.

For example, 94 percent of survey respondents confirmed that their workplace has a dedicated first-aid kit or cabinet on-site.
We help organizations by providing solutions designed with a focus on cost containment strategies and increasing HR efficiency. We’re glad to have a whole month that highlights the importance of being prepared, but it’s just as important every other month of the year, too.
AARP-Maine is a new, but strong, partner for us as we plan and develop strategies for communicating important information before during and after disaster events. Just like you may not need help after a storm, but you know your neighbor does, we are looking out for all Mainers to make sure those who do need help most get it. Many people experienced burst pipes, food losses from extended power outages, or scraped to buy extra heating oil or back-up generators. You plans should include what you’ll need for at least 72 hours, whether you’re sheltering in place at home or evacuating to a community shelter. Carbon monoxide poisoning cases go up even during normal winters and can be avoided by operating generators properly. Send us a photo of you with your emergency preparedness kit and you could win this emergency preparedness radio.Emergency management experts recommend that families have a plan to be self-sufficient for at least 72-hours.
However, 51 percent of them do not know where the kit or cabinet is located, and 58 percent report that the kit or cabinet is not kept stocked with necessary items. Having a first-aid kit on-site is a great first step, but the kit will not be of any use if employees do not know where it is located or if it is not stocked. After training managers and other employees on your company’s emergency response plan, conduct drills to help ensure that they will know what to do if a natural disaster strikes or other emergency occurs.

FosterThomas HR Consulting was established in 1993 with offices in Annapolis, Maryland (Corporate), McLean, Virginia and Raleigh, North Carolina. That includes planning for future events, responding to events as they happen, helping people recover and rebuild after events, and mitigating or helping make people more resilient to similar events in the future.
If you don’t know who your local or county emergency manager is, this is a great time to find out. We are anticipating another hard winter ahead, so it pays to think ahead and determine if you’re better prepared for that this year.
Make sure you have an adequate supply of any medications you take, or battery back-up power sources for any medical devices you use. Everyone who sends the PUD a photo of themselves with their preparedness kit will be entered into a drawing for a free emergency portable weather radio. Having a kit will ensure that all of the important necessities to withstand an emergency are in one place.
There are state and Federal resources that we may be able to access after disaster strikes, but especially Federal resources are not always available. Remember to plan for your pets, too, including food, water, medications, and vet records if you need to go to a shelter.
So, we also collaborate with nonprofit organizations like the Red Cross and faith-based organizations like Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Adventist Community Services, and the Southern Baptists, and social services organizations like Community Action Program (CAP) agencies to make sure everyone who needs help has access to the help they need.

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