This is a guest post by Griffin (Somewhere in California) and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. Based on all the comments from regular readers about the value of dollar stores, I had to see for myself what kinds of great deals I could find. OK, we all hear that to be a good prepper we need to store a lot of dried beans – LOTS of dried beans. When the weather gets blustery and the sky goes dark, no matter where you live you probably have a thought or two about a tornado. Extension Disaster Education Network – network connecting Extension educators from across the U.S. Preparedness Today (CDC and American Red Cross) – general information to prepare for emergencies or possible terrorist incidents including food, water, disaster supplies, and more.

Homeland Security – resources for businesses, families, and children prepared for emergencies. Food Safety Education for Kids and Teens (USDA FSIS) – games, activities, and reading related to food safety. If you have any questions or concerns that require a response, please contact Health Connection directly.
Being a good prepper (at least, I think I am) I have stored lots of dried beans in a variety of types. Winds pick up, and it’s only a matter of time before hail starts falling from the sky.
In some parts of the country, this kind of weather really could mean a tornado is imminent.

Government) – information on recovery after fires, floods, hurricanes and power outages, etc. My husband Hal was in an accident with a radial saw.It cut off his part of index finger and the tip of his second finger.

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