Our Mission is to provide a comprehensive and integrated emergency management system that coordinates community resources to protect lives, property and the environment through mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from all natural and man-made hazards that may impact our city. Maintain and update the city’s Comprehensive Emergency Operation Plan, Hazards Vulnerability Analysis and Hazard Mitigation Plan. Work with other county, city, town, departments, agencies and task force elements to develop a variety of related emergency plans, procedures and guidelines.
Coordinate for local, state and federal government response and recovery operations during a major emergency or disaster.
Maintain and operate the city fixed –site and mobile Emergency Operations Center if needed during emergency operations. Monitor severe weather watches, warnings and special statements issued by the National Weather Service and provide this information to other local government departments including public safety and public works agencies. Provide assistance and support to all public safety agencies, government entities and private sector partners through planning, training and exercising. Provision of quality accessible, affordable, sustainable health services by highly competent health providers in collaboration with other agencies. The Cardona RHU Health Emergency Preparedness and response plan defines the direction of the RHU in preparing for an effective and efficient response in any event of emergency or disaster.

The CARDONA RHU preparedness plan contains strategies and activities that the RHU will carry out to build and enhance RHU capacity to respond to emergency or disaster, whereas its response plan includes strategies and activities in utilizing RHU resources for effective and efficient response during emergency or disaster. The plan shall be implemented by the Cardona RHU together with all other members of the MDRRMC and RHU network concerned with emergency or disaster management. HAZARD- any substance, phenomenon or event with potential to cause disruption or damage to communities. EMERGENCY- any situation where there is imminent or actual disruption or damage to communities in which they have the capacity to cope. DISASTER- any actual threat to public safety or public health where the local gova€™t and emergency services are unable to meet the immediate needs of the community. The Office of Emergency Management will exist to protect the community of Santa Monica from the loss of life and property in the event of a natural or man made disaster.
The Office of Emergency Management will provide educational material, trainings, speakers, planning guidance and other resources to make Santa Monica the most disaster resilient community in Southern California.
The Office of Emergency Management strives to empower the community of Santa Monica through disaster awareness education and hands-on preparedness trainings. This embodies a set of strategies and activities based on the hazards and vulnerabilities or risk analysis of the RHU.

Likewise, this response plan includes protocols guidelines and procedures pertaining to various emergency management systems for more efficient response. To build partnership or network of RHUs for a more effective and efficient response and for provision of health care. It is bounded in the North by the the town of Morong , 9in the west by the town of Binangonan and in the south and east by the Laguna de Bay, it lays 14 degrees 2 minute latitude and 121 degrees 14 minute longtitude. The third set is the Recovery or Rehabilitation Plan which entails strategies and activities in mainstreaming the RHU back to its prepared position for any forthcoming eventuality.
There are 2 RHU, RHU I which covers 11 mainland BHS and RHU II covering 7 other BHS situated in Talim Island.
Cardona has 51, 689 projected population compared to 47, 414 actual population based on 2010 NSO survey.

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