Two Rivers Agility Club is a dog agility and tracking club located in the greater Sacramento, California area.
San Francisco Real Estate : San Bruno gas pipeline explosion prompts new disclosures in California (perhaps beyond). The utility company committed to the disclosure campaign in a meeting with Congresswoman Jackie Speier last month in voluntary compliance with the property disclosure element proposed in Speier's H.R. Once disclosed to a current resident or property owner, PG&E's pipeline proximity disclosure would become "actual knowledge" which, under California law, the owner must disclose to prospective buyers upon resale of the property. SACRAMENTO-During October 2011, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law all of the five natural gas transmission pipeline safety bills passed this year by the Legislature. The five bills signed by the Governor are Assembly Bill 56 and Senate Bills 44, 216, 705 and 879. In August 2011, the National Transportation Safety Board unanimously agreed that the San Bruno accident was caused by a "litany of failures" by the pipeline's owner, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
David- you always hate to hear of tragedies that possibly could have been averted but time to go forward and make sure it doesn't happen again. Certain regulations are needed to keep people safe but it does get so complicated doesn't it. Mitchell ~ I could write a novel-lengh post on Seller disclosure here in CA, (particularly in SF), but I'll spare the readers (lol).
In our area for example, the electric 'cooperative' is fond of using dangerous pesticides to keep foliage out of their right of way.

I'm so glad we have JCP (and probably others as well) to get all those disclosures out to us. Hi David, I'm curious if this affects the homeowners insurance if the home is within the 2000 sq. Obviously, if disclosing the location of gas pipelines was based on California Civil Code requirements, every NHD provider would be providing the disclosure from the required and approved government maps. Conversely, by disclosing information from unauthorized maps not guaranteed for accuracy, this disclosure places the seller and seller’s agent directly in the line of liability and clearly at risk. These are just some of the questions that must be resolved by government authorities (not NHD companies) before gas line disclosure can be considered. Doesn’t it make better sense to allow the government its due process to sort out these issues? That only one of the bills faced any opposition in the Legislature is a measure of the broad public interest in pipeline hazards and support for pipeline safety in California. Turns out our 'member owned' electric utility cares little about the end users right to live free of potentially dangerous pesticides.
At what size does a pipeline become dangerous?  Should an NHD company make that decision? The NHD Company cannot claim to use all maps of pipeline locations; all of the pipelines are not accurately mapped or publically available. Many of the maps simply connect the dots between points, rather than accurately following the route of the actual pipeline.

The brochure also educates property owners about the free "Call before you dig — 811" service, to identify pipelines on a property and avoid costly accidents during any excavation. In addition, the laws bring into sharper focus the lessons learned from the deadly gas transmission pipeline explosion one year ago in San Bruno that killed eight people, and destroyed 38 homes and damaged 61 others. Now that some months have gone by, do you have a sense that this will affect the sale, or the price, of homes near pipelines?
I ask myself: Is the real issue living close to a gas transmission pipeline … or is the issue that the utility company is grossly negligent in the maintenance and repair of the pipelines? It has become a problem here and there are several law suits from families in NY filed against the drillers.
The practice of drilling for natural gas called hydraulic fracturing in rock formations is contaminating the water supply.
I hear in parts of Texas it's so bad from so much gas drilling, flames come out of water faucets in homes when they turn on the faucet.

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