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The DVD includes video footage that details Tarrant County's full-scale dirty bomb disaster drill. Divided into two modules, “Emergency Preparedness and Response Fundamentals” and “Putting Principles into Practice,” this course addresses basic environmental health concepts important to front-line staff with years of experience as well as those new to the field.
An overview of key issues that should be considered for inclusion in a local jurisdiction's pandemic influenza plan. An examination within each issue area of questions that should be asked, ideas on where to find information that may be needed, and partners that could be consulted to address those topics within the plan. Examples of ways in which other jurisdictions have addressed the topics described in the guide. Links to information that can be used to further investigate the topics or resources that can be used to customize tools for individual jurisdictions. At the core of this guide are plans developed by departments that host two of NACCHO's Advanced Practice Centera, cutting-edge learning laboratories that develop and test tools that help other LHDs tackle all-hazards preparedness.

Requirements and recommendations for managing mass fatalities during a worst-case scenario pandemic influenza. Prepare your workers for both common injuries and incidents involving life-threatening situations. Check the manual for your player to determine if it supports both DVD-R Media and progressive playback. It is our goal to have trained people available to help any time events are taking place at the parish sites.
Once certified, your name is added to the diocesan and American Red Cross data base of certified emergency personnel. This resource provides state and local public health entities with information and guidance on the key ingredients to consider when developing and facilitating a bioterrorism tabletop exercise.
The tool also includes an interactive training manual as well as a chapter-based lecture series focused on the design and evaluation components of a public health exercise. Santa Clara County, California and Seattle-King County, Washington, have both produced notably comprehensive, but very different, plans addressing pandemic influenza that serve as the foundation of this document's findings. Its focus—the care and management of the dead—is one of the most difficult aspects of disaster response and recovery operations. These videos will help prepare your employees for managing incidents involving blood, fire, and various injuries that require first aid. Playing the DVD on a computer requires a DVD ROM drive and DVD playback software, such as PowerDVD or VLC Media Player (Free).
It lays a good foundation for the employee to learn all about Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (or Hazwoper).
The toolkit provides scalable, operational direction and tools to guide jurisdictions in creating a local plan.

Accidents which result inpersonal injury or damaged property and equipment are a needless waste.
It is managementA†spolicy to maintain strict standards of safety and to be prepared to cope withemergency situations.
You may use certain materials that require specificcautions to protect our employee's health. It is our policy to identify and communicate toemployees any potential job hazards, including those associated with handlingcertain chemicals.
This policy includes communicating risks of exposure to anymaterial which may cause cancer, or reproductive problems under certainconditions.
However, on going concerns forindividual safety and health, injury prevention, and the protection of the environmenthave made safety an integral part of every employee's job. It is managementA†s responsibilityto ensure job safety and that chemical information is obtained and explained toemployees.
This programof employee training is a part of our continuing commitment to employee safety. Some principals of theSTEP program may be new to you, so as a review we'll list the programs: TRAINYOU in CPR, FIRST AID, and HAZWOPER. Explain the company's policyof total compliance with the spirit and letter of these rules and regulations.Train you to comply with all the rules and regulations.

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