With disaster events in the news every day, the necessity of keeping hospital staff up to date with emergency preparedness training is more important than ever.
In the past year, Ebola has made headlines throughout the healthcare community, causing CDC guidelines for protecting healthcare personnel to evolve.
Tribal emergency preparedness remains a relatively new endeavor for which both tribal leaders and non-tribal bordering communities require education, says tribal preparedness veteran Monte Fronk.
Mantooth narrated the 30-minute video entitled “Strength and Resiliency Tribal Emergency Preparedness for Tribal Leaders and Program Directors—Your Roles and Responsibilities” that was filmed and produced by native-owned Eagle Clan productions along with a team of tribal staff from FEMA Region V and funded by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. While the video was originally developed for tribal leaders, another positive “surprise” was how many non-tribal emergency response agencies from all levels of government benefited from watching and using the video for training, according to Fronk. The 566 federally recognized tribes were given autonomy to manage and respond to incidents on their tribal lands in 2000 thanks to an executive order to FEMA by former President Clinton, according to Fronk. FEMA established initial grant funding for tribes to apply for and create their own emergency preparedness programs.
Unlike a city mayor or county commissioner, tribal elected officials are tireless advocates for their communities and spend a lot time traveling across the country meeting with state elected officials, members of Congress, heads of federal agencies and other leaders.

The reasons include recognition of sovereignty and sensitivity to cultural differences within the many different reservations, villages, Rancherias, pueblos, and communities throughout the United States. A recent example of a disaster affecting a tribal government was when hurricane Sandy struck the Shinnecock Nation and outside agencies came to the assistance of the tribal government. “They were in a situation of being cut off and having to work with multiple agencies,” Fronk says.
Since the release of the video it has been used for training by Tribal fire, EMS, Emergency Management and law enforcement leaders, as well as non-tribal agencies on the local, county, regional, state and federal levels. UF Health is a collaboration of the University of Florida Health Science Center, Shands hospitals and other health care entities.
DQE-On-Demand eLearning for Healthcare Preparedness eliminates many obstacles to keeping a well-trained staff by providing online learning to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Keeping pace with the latest healthcare regulations, DQE has added a new convenient, practical PPE kit that follows the new CDC guidelines. He had met Randolph Mantooth at two previous EMS events and received a lot of helpful wisdom and advice from him on how to proceed, Fronk says. Mantooth agreed to narrate the video if funding was found for the project.

This is unlike the NIMS system of CFLOP. “It's a unique thing,” Fronk says, and it's important for off-reservation response agencies to understand. It has also  been recognized by the Minnesota Association of Emergency Managers and the International Association of Emergency Managers, and was shown at the Red Nation Film Festival.Fronk says he continues to get requests to discuss tribal preparedness and that the outreach effort continues. DQE-On-Demand has released a new look and additional features that provide enhanced functionality to Emergency Preparedness Program Administrators and their emergency management staff.
DQE now provides two preassembled, blood and virus protection kits - the SafePaq® and the SafePaq® Plus. A lack of understanding can lead to a lack of collaboration and less effective outcome, he notes.

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