Windsor Fire & Rescue Services and the Canadian Cancer Society partnered in a new campaign to assist in the fight against breast cancer. The people of Ontario have faced all kinds of emergencies, from ice storms and power outages to tornadoes and industrial accidents. Emergencies can strike at any time so being prepared is critical since it can take time for help to arrive. That’s why everyone should have an emergency plan and kit to take care of themselves for at least three days.

John's Ambulance) and staff from Emergency Management Ontario on Tuesday, May 3 at Richmond Green. CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE to explore historic sites, parks and recreation facilities, beautiful scenery and community events in the Municipality of Huron Shores that you should not miss!
This one-day event was dedicated to teaching families how to prepare for an emergency and was free of charge and open to the public.
The campaign was launched on Thursday, October 17th as part of Fire Prevention Week and Breast Cancer month.

Reach out to neighbours, family and friends who may be vulnerable or unable to support themselves during an emergency. Town Fire Fighters demonstrate a hazardous material scenario and a mock car accident excavation during the fair.

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