A rail kit (Black) is installed around the inside of the case for the top panel to mount into. The white Board standing inside of the Pelican 1520 case is a second generation modification. The Second generation Go-Kit on the left is using the plastic cutting board for the top panel.
The antenna I choose is a Diamond SG-7900A with UHF connector that mounts to the SO-239 adapter.
We use Yahoo Groups to mail announcements, meeting reminders, etc., for events in San Joaquin County. Tim Sivils K6TRK (SK) 2016 CEV Frequency Plan Posted 2016 San Joaquin HamCram Dates Are Your Batteries Charged?
Quicksilver Radio is selling a pretty complete emcomm kit, built around the not-my-favorite-radio Baofeng UV-5RB, for $149.73.
After publishing a post about the kit last month, one of our members purchased the complete kit and yesterday I got to play with it.
I especially recommend these for CERT members and others who need a radio that don’t expect to use very often.
New hams tend to buy a handie-talkie as their first radio but end up using a second, mobile radio, for most of their communications. The review unit included all that, plus a six-AAA-cell battery holder for the Baofeng, necessary because you cannot feed 12-volts into the radio directly (there is no external power jack).
The provided documentation is well-prepared and nicely laminated, but no instructions are provided for charging the gel cell battery (see Cons). The cigarette lighter outlet may be too deep for the small adapters that provide two USB connections, but will accept a full-sized cigarette lighter adapter.

This bag could easily house and power a small APRS station that could be dropped into a vehicle and connected to a small mag-mount antenna. If you are a unit leader, you need a way to program the radio (Chirp works with the included cable)  and do some training.
It's a decent value but had I known what the Baofeng was like, I would have ordered the kit without a radio and spent a little more on a name branded unit. We saw members from most of the various San Antonio Area Ham Radio Clubs, including SARO, AARO, SARC, BOG, ROOST, REACT, ARES, and GVARC.  We probably had enough Bexar County ARES members present to hold a meeting. I drove up along with Gary K5GST in my van on Saturday morning, checked in at registration and then toured the rather modest tailgating area outside the Austin Marriot Airport South Hotel until the main exhibit hall opened at 8am. I met lots of old friends, made new friends, and ran into folks I literally hadn’t seen in many, many years. Grumpy WF5Y was spotted inside the exhibit hall, selling various ham radio electronics pieces parts with what appeared to be a level of success, cause he was smiling and waved when I took his photo, and I observed the highly desired phenomenom of cash exchanging hands (from other hams to Grumpy) during the morningl. Some vehicles may have had more antennas per square inch than one of the FEMAs command trailers.  I walked around the parking lot snapping photos of those vehicles that caught my eye.
Directors election results: 7 seats were vacant, 5 were regular openings (in accordance with the bylaws) and 2 were to fill spots of Directors that resigned (1 director was deceased).
Contributors WantedWe've set up other local Hams as Contributing Editors to post new topics for discussion, local club news, ham news, etc.
I hope they are useful, but policies and procedures vary widely from one location and group to another. So if you want to use a talkie all-the-time, then also purchase a better radio, such as the FT-60. I’d recommend purchasing an extra rechargeable battery (or several) so you can operate during charge cycles.

Add a cigarette lighter adapter or Powerpole connector DC cable for your portable and you are in business. I would make my own laminated local information card to go into the kit — a good thing to have anyway.
I didn’t find much to spend my $$ on, although apparently Gary found a few essentials that needed transport back to San Antonio.
There was one truck using a trailer hitch to extend out another 2-3 feet to mount his HF antennas, talk about a “knee knocker”! The local Austin ham dealer was there, as were a couple of the othe regular commercial vendors. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You might want to purchase the power-only version of this kit to go with the FT-60 or whatever other radio you use.
You can power the charging base and something plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet at the same time. I not only recommend this kit to my HamCram trainees, I will probably buy the battery-only kit for use with one of my portables.

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