You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The enforcement of  Public Safety Indoor Radio Coverage is popping up all over the nation and as a result many of our new clients are asking for help understanding the  regulations and what is involved with correcting problems should their building fail. The requirements and the type of Public Safety Radio System is a variable from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
System flexibility and the ability of the cable path to accommodate changes are paramount to long term savings.

Have good specifications to ensure you are getting  products and services that meet regulations and local requirements. RFSignalman provides several template specifications to assist our clients with these objectives and our web-site is a good source of information.
COMPLIANCE TESTINGRFSignalman is an independent testing company focused on indoor radio coverage. SCHEDULE A TESTRFSignalman provides online account setup for individuals and organizations.

On-Site testing is performed by trained individuals utilizing automated equipment and processes.

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