To deliver competency based Emergency Response Blue Light Driver Training Worldwide at your location, to meet your needs, to keep you safe legal and progressive. Please Note: ERDT Training, or courses are not available to members of the public and any course enquiry must be submitted through your Emergency Service or organisation. Northumberland Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority fisheries patrol vessel St Aidan. A Lake Warden boat is seen here responding to an emergency on Windermere using blue flashing lights. The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975. JavaScript appears to be disabled - most features on Can Stock Photo will not function correctly.Not a member yet? Search Can Stock Photo for royalty free illustration, royalty free clipart, digital artwork, EPS vector clip art, stock illustrations, stock images, logo icon graphics, and cheap EPS format line art drawings.
The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) is an independent, professionally led strategic body. Equipment fitted to, or carried by, an emergency vehicle, which is additional to any equipment (such as headlights) that a standard non-emergency vehicle is fitted with. The pattern of high-visibility markings used to maximise conspicuity, primarily used on emergency vehicles. Vehicles used by the police or military for bomb disposal work are permitted to use blue flashing lights and are classed as emergency vehicles.
Because of the restricted view for a driver going up a hill, the advice from the emergency services is that you do not stop on the brow of a hill if you are trying to allow a blue light vehicle through. Be careful before moving into a bus lane to allow an emergency vehicle through, as it may be dangerous or illegal (or both) for you to use the bus lane. CFOA is the professional voice of the UK fire and rescue service, supporting members to fulfil their leadership role in protecting local communities and making life safer through improved service delivery. HM Coastguard is classed as an emergency service and is permitted to use blue lights on emergency response journeys.
Vehicles carrying doctors, responding to emergency calls, may display a green flashing light.
The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is one of the executive agencies that form the Motoring and Freight Services group, part of the Department for Transport.
Blue Light and Emergency Response Driver Training is provided, in accordance with guidance from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to emergency service drivers (typically police, ambulance and fire service drivers). An emergency vehicle is typically a vehicle designated and authorised to respond to an emergency.
Emergency vehicles are typically exempt from certain rules of the road (speed limits, red traffic lights and ‘keep left’ bollards). A fire appliance, engine, truck, or pump is a vehicle designed to assist in fighting fires and other rescue emergencies by transporting firefighters to the scene and providing them with access to the fire, along with water or other equipment.
Human Tissue for Transplant is classed as an emergency service and is permitted to use blue lights on emergency response journeys.
You should consider using your indicators to show you’re pulling over for an emergency vehicle, but only when there’s no risk of causing confusion to other road users. If you’re approaching a junction, and you see an emergency vehicle, remember the driver behind you may not have the same view, so don’t brake suddenly. Section 87 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 exempts drivers of vehicles used for fire brigade, ambulance or police purposes from speed limits in an emergency. Lifeboat launch vehicles are classed as an emergency service and are permitted to use blue lights.
Mines Rescue is classed as an emergency service and is permitted to use blue lights on emergency response journeys.
Check your mirrors frequently on road journeys, as in a well insulated and soundproofed car, you may see a blue light vehicle before you hear it.
Emergency service motorcycles using blue lights include police, ambulance and even some fire and rescue service solo responders.

On motorways and dual carriageways, stay behind a blue light vehicle to avoid the risk of becoming involved in an incident it is attending.
Mountain Rescue is classed as an emergency service and is permitted to use blue lights on emergency response journeys.
The Annual National Blue Light Users’ Conference is aimed at all those who manage or train drivers who, during the course of their work, drive emergency vehicles. Members of the public have no immunity from prosecution if, while attempting to give way to an emergency vehicle, they commit a moving traffic offence (such as going across the stop line at a red traffic signal, or speeding). If you’re approaching a roundabout, and you see an emergency vehicle, remember the driver behind you may not have the same view, so don’t brake suddenly.
Some ambulance journeys must be carried out a slow speed, because of the nature of the injury to the person being transported. Emergency drivers have no exemption in law to overtake other vehicles in solid white line systems (other than the exemptions we all have – see Highway Code Rule 129). A police officer in a vehicle (marked or unmarked) behind you displaying a blue light could be telling you to stop. The rules for red lights are the same at a set of temporary traffic lights as they are at permanent traffic light junctions. The warnings used by emergency vehicles typically consist of blue flashing lights and a variety of audible tones, including the well-known siren ‘wail’, the ‘yelp’ and the ‘high-low’ two-tone warning sound. Blue Light Aware is proud to bepowered by Enbecom for websitedesign, production and technology.
The Kent-based team race the Mini is a variety of motorsport events to raise funds for the Fire Fighters Charity. The organisation is involved Community Emergency Planning in the UK and has other projects abroad. For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible. Can Stock Photo has the royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon that you need. Remember, we’re not lawyers, so the information provided below is purely general and descriptive, rather than offering a precise definition. In the public interest and, in equal and active partnership with Government and the Association of Police Authorities, ACPO leads and coordinates the direction and development of the police service in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The name comes from their similarity in appearance to the cross-section of a Battenberg cake.
Some bends on country roads are smooth and even, while others can be tight and ‘blind’, meaning visibility around them is restricted or non-existent. Providing professional advice to inform government policy, CFOA is committed to developing both strategic and technical guidance and sharing notable practice within the wider FRS.
BASICS doctors use blue lights and audible warning devices when responding to medical emergencies. It is a trading fund with a planned turnover of around ?200 million in 2010-11, funded almost entirely through fees and revenue from other road safety initiatives. Other organisations using this sort of training are typically HM Coastguard, Mines Rescue and Mountain Rescue. These vehicles are usually operated by designated agencies, often part of the government, but also run by charities, non-governmental organisations and, in the case of ambulances, some commercial companies. Fire engines and fire trucks can in some areas represent different types of firefighting apparatus. If you’re already AT the junction, be patient and wait for the emergency vehicle to come past. Apart from the potential danger to pedestrians, you may risk causing damage to your tyres, wheels and hub caps. Some blood transfer motorcycles use blue lights on emergency journeys to and from hospitals. It is also relevant to those who manage health and safety and occupational road risk issues for all staff within the emergency services and those who are involved in casualty reduction.

At a traffic light junction, an emergency driver shouldn’t expect or want you to go through a red light.
Some police officers using bicycles, typically those in cities, may have blue lights and audible warnings attached. Blue light journeys by the Red Cross typically occur when the Red Cross has been subcontracted by an NHS Ambulance Trust. It is highly dangerous, and also you will have no defence in law if you are subsequently prosecuted, however noble your intentions. Vehicles driven by lifeboat crews to reach lifeboat stations are not classed as emergency vehicles, therefore the use of blue lights is not permitted.
If you’re already AT the roundabout, be patient and wait for the emergency vehicle to come past.
Blue light journeys by the St John Ambulance typically occur when they have been subcontracted by an NHS Ambulance Trust. Listen for different siren tones, and changes from one tone to another on the approach to junctions and roundabouts. Look carefully for specific signals from the officer, then pull over and stop as soon as it is safe to do so. We are the first company to be accredited by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) as a training body for emergency response driver and train the trainer and the first to offer a National Diploma in Emergency Response Driving Instruction accredited by RoSPA. 639 Emergency response clip art images and royalty free illustrations available to search from thousands of EPS vector clipart and stock art producers.
Our designers and illustrators provide royalty free stock images, clip art, clipart graphics, and pictures for as little as 1 dollar. In times of national need ACPO, on behalf of all chief officers, coordinates the strategic policing response.
The advice from the emergency services is not to stop on a bend if you are trying to allow a blue light vehicle through. Membership of the Association comprises almost all the senior management of fire and rescue services in the United Kingdom. Emergency vehicles are exempt from certain rules of the road (speed limits, red traffic lights and ‘keep left’ bollards).
The green light is simply a way of asking other road users as a courtesy to let them through.
The Highway Code contains numbered rules and annexes covering pedestrians, animals, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers. Over the years the Conference has become an important event in the diary for the emergency services, and has gained a reputation and credibility with Government and its agencies and other organisations concerned in any way with the emergency services.
If you’re first in the queue at a red light, the only advice we can legally give you is to stay where you are, then let the emergency vehicle find its way around you.
We provide a free on-line study facility which assists the candidate’s pre-course learning and reduces course duration and costs. It covers six miles into the North Sea from the border with Scotland at Berwick to its base is at the mouth of the River Tyne at North Shields. Vehicles belonging to the National Blood Service or Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service, and certain other blood-carrying vehicles, are classed as emergency vehicles and may use blue lights.
It has statutory responsibility for setting standards and conducting theory and practical driving tests.
Of course, if it’s a police vehicle in your mirror, look carefully, as it may be signalling specifically for you to stop. As well as the rules and annexes, there is information on road signs, road markings, vehicle markings and road safety. The annexes contain information on vehicle maintenance, licence requirements, documentation, penalties and vehicle security.

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