Located in Attleboro, Massachusetts we have been providing our Emergency Response Buttons for the last 16 years. We are not a franchise, so we can tailor the exact service you require and provide excellent value. DeepSan UK Ltd continually invests in the latest technology and the most powerful cleaning machinery.
This combined with professional industry training guarantees first class results every time. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
MCT-220 is a wireless personal emergency button that provides an ideal solution for people who need to raise emergency alarm calls when they are not close to the control panel. We promise not to pass on your e-mail address, home address or any other details to any party.
Emergency Call Buttons for Seniors - Pioneer Emergency Response Services Pioneer Emergency Response ServicesMedical Alarms for SeniorsA A A Call toll-free 1-800-274-8274 and we'll help you find the right solution. Just plugging it into a phone jack and electrical outlet is all it requires and will be ready to use. It has a large red button that when pressed, activates the red LED light for a few seconds.

If the battery power becomes too low, the control panel is automatically alerted, enabling timely replacement of batteries to ensure uninterrupted operation.
Emergency Response Buttons are great for the elderly in nursing homes, elderly agencies, and vna agencies.
We have been providing medical emergency buttons to seniors for the past 16 years serving the New England area and even some snowbirds who fly south for the winter months and take their system with them so they can get help in Florida during a medical emergency there. They are all 2-way communication so the elder can speak to the operators to let them know what is going on at the home. This makes it visible from most angles and reassures the user that the call has been activated.
We have been working with elderly agencies, vna agencies, physical therapists, social workers, nursing homes and council on aging to help keep elders living independently in their homes as long as possible keeping them safe and protected with our systems. The central station is UL Listed and FM Certified with operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The button intermittently lights up, blinking every few seconds, so that it can be easily located at night. In case of emergency, your parents would press the button on their medical alert pendant and the base station would receive a distress signal.Within seconds, a professional medical operator will be talking to your parents through the loud speaker in the base station.
Depending on the situation, the operator will summon the paramedics, family members or a neighbor.

If there is no emergency, the operator will thank your parents for testing the system.We recommend seniors to wear the necklace pendant but offer both pendants and wrist style medical alarm buttons. Both of your parents can be placed on the same system for no additional monthly costs.The medical alert button for seniors, also known as an emergency call button, is lightweight, waterproof, and amazingly small. Medical Alarm buttons should be worn in shower and bathtub because these areas are frequently where seniors fall. With a medical alarm system, though the situation is still dangerous, you need not worry about how they will get help.A senior medical alert button will help your parents maintain their independence in their old age, but do not take our word for it. The fact is that once a senior has grown accustomed to the security of a medical alert button, they do not want to get rid of it.We have been installing medical alarms for seniors for many years.
We choose the best equipment and monitoring available to them, and have been tested in national crises like Huricane Katrina and the Southern California Firestorm. Call today and be protected tomorrow: 800-274-8274 Contact us at 800-274-8274 or use this form.Name* First Last PhoneEmail* Message Which Medical Alarm is Right for You? The Pioneer Bodyguard is our most popular medical alarm system because of its excellent range, so you are protected anywhere in your home or garden.The Pioneer Mobile Alert travels with you wherever you go, using GPS to tell our operators your exact location when you need help.

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