Emergency response flip charts are the perfect document to compliment your emergency response procedures. All staff at FireSafe Services NSW hold a minimum qualification of Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Bloods, Crips, Folk, Vice Lords, Latin Kings are names that often cause alarm and fear among the gentle people of America. As with all “outlaw” gangs, MS 13 is involved in crimes: robbery, murder, drugs, rape, prostitution and so on.
Their principle weapon is the machete, a large knife designed for crops but in the hands of the MS 13’s a weapon of terror. How big is the problem? Different law enforcement agencies have estimated that MS 13 is operating in at least 33 states  with 30,000 or more members. What does this mean to schools? One expert on MS 13 has said that the scariest element of this gang is the young people, mostly Middle School age and up. How wide spread is this group? In 33 of the 50 states MS 13 is known to operate. They generally infiltrate the Hispanic community and prey upon its members until they consolidate and base for spreading out.
Belonging: Every student needs to belong to the school, the class, the club, the team, etc. They are used to effectively reference important contacts along with actions that should be taken during an emergency.

All training staff holds Fire Safety Manager Certification as per NSW Health Policy Directive.
Now a gang is emerging on the scene that causes members of these notorious gangs to fear or at least have second thoughts about venturing onto the wrong street. La Mara Salvatrucha is a well organized and very violent, very brutal gang born in El Salvador. It is common to take the path of “not seeing means it’s not there.” With the spreading of this gang and the unprecedented growth of its numbers, it is very likely in your school to some degree now.
If the school does not provide a guided set of choices for belonging, the students will find their own. There will always be transgressions and consequences that follow a member (that they do within the gang) but being kicked out is not an option. If you can't find the sign you're looking for in our stock, let ICC custom design it for you. They are willing to go through a brutal beating as initiation, then they are eager to prove themselves by showing how brutal they can be during gang activities. The next scariest group is the “wannabees” or those who are too young, maybe 8 years old, who are not ready for the gang but want to show that they are worthy. That is to say that its member travel from the USA back to and through various Central American countries.
Purchase directly from the manufacturer and speak to a friendly customer service representative today!Screen Printed Rigid Vinyl (RV): This material is very durable and weather resistant. Here at FireSafe Services NSW we offer a range of flip charts which are capable of providing all users with the correct information and actions needed when exposed to an emergency situation.

However, recently the gang has experienced a growth spurt making it the fastest growing gang in America both in numbers and territory. With the poor impulse control of youth and often a shallow well of values, these extremely young people do some extremely violent things to other people. Most often the message comes from fellow students but more and more it comes from staff and administration. The long lasting properties and chemical resistance of this material make it a core candidate for signs, tags, and placards exposed to severe weather conditions and handling issues with its five to seven years of outdoor life. Our emergency response flip charts are tailored to meet your specific building requirements. Virginia, South Carolina, Maryland and other eastern states are now experiencing the impact of this gang.
We can provide emergency response flip charts to a variety of industries including aged care, transport, hospitality, food manufacturers, childcare, office buildings, small businesses, and health care facilities.

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