Reflective back patches have been designed especially for police officers who worry about being mistakenly shot during nighttime or whenever there are search and rescue operations in places where it is dark. Because of its importance and advantage, the wearing of back patches is widely accepted within the organization. From afar, one will be easily recognized even without proper lighting because of his or her back patch. More than just a decoration, it is also symbolic of their affiliation with a particular group. There are those designed for sheriffs, bikers, rock stars or even kids and high school students.

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For their own protection, police officers need to be equipped with gear that will help them get through situations that are very difficult to handle. Some riders have established their own groups where the best way to be identified as a member is by wearing a patch of their logo. Back patches are among the protective gear that a sheriff or a law enforcement agent is supposed to have.
Those who are passionate about their involvement in the organization can express their support by having a patch sewn onto their jackets or caps.

They have come and gone away but with the way things are going, they are definitely here to stay. Especially at night, when most road accidents happen, being able to be seen from a distance will help minimize their risks.

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