In the wake of some very serious industrial accidents around the world, many countries recognized the need for hazard-specific emergency preparedness and response. Emergency response plans aim to provide responders with critical information about products and operational processes.
In 2007, Fort Bend County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and a group of dedicated volunteers formed our first CERT Team. CERT training is designed to prepare you to help yourself, your family and your neighbors in the event of an anticipated disruptions and potential hazards before and following a disaster.
If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, please contact our office at (281) 342-6185 or email. We're seeing more and more municipalities and other government bodies create smartphone applications for emergency preparedness and response. From Mind Map Art, here's a concept map that illustrates a systematic approach to an emergency action plan. The Arlington County Office of Emergency Management has created an application called Arlington Prepares to help residents, visitors, and businesses prepare for a natural disaster or other emergency situation. Eric Holdeman on the Disaster Zone blog shares a new way to motivate people towards preparedness. The Department of Homeland Security has released the first edition of the National Preparedness Goal, required under Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 8: National Preparedness from April 2011.
Processes and procedures were quickly mandated and implemented, gradually morphing into a standardized emergency response plan (ERP).

Essentially, every plan should provide emergency personnel with enough information to facilitate a timely and effective response. For example, emergency response personnel will want to know how much product is stored within a vessel or pipeline and the physical properties of the product. The purpose and mission of the CERT Team is to aid and support the people of Fort Bend County preparing for, responding to, recovering from, or mitigating the effects of natural and Man-Made disasters.
The Ready Georgia mobile app was created by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and the Georgia Department of Public Health. It's a good template for other applications for business continuity managers or emergency planners. Nuclear plants, oil and natural gas refineries, and chemical and fertilizer processing facilities, are examples of activities that require emergency response plans for unique hazards.
Detailed information is vital and ultimately can determine whether the response is a success or failure. But what A Place for Mom recently discovered was that when natural disasters strike, senior housing searches spike. An application called SF Heroes, currently available on iTunes, provides a fun way to build emergency preparedness knowledge, get involved with the community, and access services and information to help survive an emergency.
Over the past 30 years, national standards,  have been developed to provide consistent guidelines for emergency management that are applicable to most industries.
Although no two plans will be exactly the same, they should meet strategic objectives in terms of protecting people, property and the environment.

In fact, senior living and assisted living inquiries spiked anywhere from 11% to more than 90% following recent hurricanes. Many government regulators also have strict rules for emergency preparedness and response, including minimum requirements for emergency response plans. And with the 2013 hurricane season approaching, senior living needs are likely to increase in hurricane prone areas of the country. According to Reuters, 33,000 people were affected, including children, seniors and their caregivers.
But preparing for hurricane season by taking extra precautionary steps to ensure safety, and by getting important documents in order—such as medical and respite paperwork and power of attorney—definitely helps.
They offer comfort through what is often a stressful situation by ensuring that seniors maintain access to food, water, shelter and necessary care. Support is provided in the event of power outages and evacuations, and services for storm cleanup, like shoveling snow or picking up fallen tree limbs are offered.

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