It is our pledge to continuously provide you with quality information which we hope will assist you to better understand a range of topics in Occupational Safety & Health, Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management. A Hurricane is defined as a tropical storm with winds that have reached a constant speed of 74 miles per hour or more. Safety and Emergency Management Systems throughout this period will take you through a comprehensive look at hurricanes and will provide advice on the precautions we can take throughout this season. Hurricane Charlie hit Jamaica on August 17, 1951 with winds near Category Three (3) intensity. On August 19, 2007, Jamaica escaped a direct hit from Hurricane Dean which passed the island as a Category Four (4) Hurricane. The Hurricane season begins June 1st and stretches through to November 31st, with eighteen (18) named storms expected.
The team forecast that the "probabilities of a major hurricane making landfall in the Caribbean in 2013 is 61%. Safety & Emergency Management Systems Jamaicaa€™s Premier Safety Consultancy will be hosting an Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation Workshop. Check on your emergency equipment such as flash lights, batteries, raincoats, shutters etc. Photocopy, secure and store away important documents such as school leaving certificates, personal documents and national registration documents. ASSESS the last hurricane season, examine how it had impacted you, and where necessary, put PLANS in place to adequately prepare for this Hurricane Season.
Located in the heart of downtown Victoria, just steps from the spectacular Inner Harbour, the Victoria Conference Centre offers a bright, modern and technically advanced meeting place for civic groups, corporate meetings, trade shows and more. With more restaurants per capita than any North America city except for San Francisco, Victoria is a world-class, historic city that is safe, accessible and full of fun. The VCC provides just the right space for meetings of many sizes – small enough to be intimate, but able to handle conferences as large as 2,500 delegates. Plus, a two-level underground parking garage is available for up to 310 vehicles – and Victoria is famous for virtually no traffic, seaside pedestrian walkways and numerous downtown shopping areas. THE BUSINESS SUPPORT YOU NEED: The VCC Business Centre is a home away from home for delegates and event planners, providing all the support needed to work while away from the office. CUISINE THAT WILL DAZZLE CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS: The world famous Fairmont Empress Hotel, with over 90 years expertise, skillfully provides catering arrangements. The National Quality Framework incorporates an assessment and rating process to promote continuous quality improvement. Education and Care Services are assessed and rated by authorised officers of the Board against seven quality areas in the National Quality Standard.
The National Quality Standard sets a national benchmark for the quality of children’s education and care services and gives services and families a better understanding of a quality service.
The National Quality Standard contains up to two or three different standards in each of the seven quality areas. The National Regulations prescribe five rating levels within the assessment and rating process.

The National Quality Standard is accompanied by a national quality rating and assessment process providing a national approach to the assessment and reporting of the quality of early childhood education and care services across the variety of service settings. Quality assessment and rating is an opportunity for your service to gain valuable feedback and ensure families have access to comparative information about their children’s education and care. For further information regarding the assessment and rating process see our assessment and rating process fact sheet. ACECQA publishes quarterly NQF Snapshots that provide information about assessment and rating progress. Service quality ratings are published in the register of approved providers, services and certified supervisors for all services that have been assessed and rated and received a final rating report. Please note: this website requires javascript and flash to be enabled for full functionality. On 7 February 2009, the Black Saturday bushfires left a path of devastation and destruction across Victoria. The Black Saturday disaster was the largest deployment of RSPCA Victoria’s emergency response services in our history. Through the tragedy, we were touched by the incredible kindness and generosity of the community in helping us raise over $4 million to provide emergency assistance, care, treatment and a second chance at life to 13,623 animals. In February last year, we launched a community-funded mobile animal care vehicle to provide a valuable resource during emergency situations. The RSPCA also pays tribute to those affected by the Black Saturday disaster in a bushfire memorial in the garden at our redeveloped Animal Care Centre at RSPCA Burwood East. One hundred and fifty four (154) persons were killed and approximately twenty thousand (20,000) were left homeless.
As Gilbert lashed Jamaica, houses were destroyed, trees were uprooted and utilities were hit out of service. The storm brought with it high winds and heavy rainfall; causing significant wind and flood damage to infrastructure, utilities and the agricultural sector. However, heavy winds and rainfall uprooted trees and toppled utility poles, a number of roads were left impassible.
It is therefore our intention that this Workshop will provide participants with the requisite information and guidance to PREVENT, PREPARE FOR and RESPOND to fires. This should include: Where to go if you have to relocate, all the items you will need to take with you etc. There is no less than 40,000 square feet of meeting spaces, 16 individual multi-purpose meeting rooms, an enormous exhibit hall, and a 400-seat lecture theatre.
Data communications services for videoconferencing are available, and delegates can access the Internet and send and receive email and faxes on site.
The VCC has worked with law enforcement and fire officials to establish an Emergency Response Plan and all of our staff members and suppliers have received training in the coordination of emergency situations. We have all the equipment and services you would expect relative to signage, storage, furnishings, special needs and registration. Supplier services include: Move-in Management, Air and Ground Transportation, Advanced Warehousing, Customs Brokerage, Material Handling, On-Site Freight Tracking, and Post Event Reporting, all to ensure your exhibitors receive total move-in support.

For information regarding providing feedback on the draft assessment and rating report see the ACECQA template: Providing feedback on the draft assessment and rating report. 173 people lost their lives and it was estimated that more than one million animals perished. Our first challenge was to gain access to the affected areas and ensure the welfare of animals was a crucial element of the bushfire response plan. Over the past five years, we have also processed 1,954 individual grants to bushfire survivors on behalf of their animals. Our Mobile Animal Care unit (MAC) has helped us to extend our reach to regional areas by allowing us to provide mobile animal care and welfare services. As we reflect on the sixth anniversary of Black Saturday, we invite you to join us to pay tribute to those who tragically lost their lives, and recognise the dedicated animal welfare organisations, volunteers and local communities that supported the rescue and rehabilitation of the people and animals affected by the fires. The memorial is a special area where we can reflect and remember the people and animals who tragically lost their lives on that fateful day in 2009.
They have the potential to cause damage to infrastructure, utilities, buildings, vegetation and even loss of life.. Immense flooding and landslides were reported and many roads were left impassible by flood waters and debris. Our in-house Emergency Response Team is trained in the Incident Command System, using the same principles as fire, police, and ambulance services throughout North America. A selection of varied menus and other food and beverage services will be provided, and we will also be happy to modify or customize our services to your exacting requirements. Each standard contains a number of elements that describe the outcomes that contribute to the standard being achieved.
On the sixth anniversary of this tragedy, it is with solemn reflection that the RSPCA pays tribute to those affected by the fires. Our team of Inspectors, vets, vet nurses and animal attendants were on the frontline assessing and treating animals, reuniting lost animals with their families, giving advice to the community and supporting other animal welfare groups. We also processed and distributed more than 30 shipping containers full of donated livestock feed and pet food, shelter, blankets, towels and equipment throughout Victoria. The vehicle is equipped with a fully operational vet theatre for emergency surgery and treatment, a housing area to safely contain animals, power and running water, and a communication hub to ensure our team can be contacted in remote areas. The agricultural sector was almost totally destroyed with an estimated Five Hundred Million Dollars in damage. What’s more, fire, police, and emergency medical agencies are located within minutes of our venue. Our team of Inspectors visited each property in the affected areas in search of animals that needed help. More than 100,000 houses were destroyed; reconnaissance flights over remote parts of Jamaica reported that eighty percent (80%) of the homes on the island had lost their roofs.

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