The two-day training was sponsored by the Hungry Valley Fire Department, RSIC Emergency Services and the Inter-Tribal Emergency Response Commission (ITERC). The participants learned about fire safety, disaster medical triage, the incident command structure, light search and rescue, disaster psychology and the definition and warning signs of terrorism.
Quartz-Holling said that some of the most important knowledge she took away was how to access a dangerous situation. Research indicates that under emergency conditions, family members, fellow employees and neighbors spontaneously try to help each other.
In this country, the CERT concept was developed and implemented by the Los Angeles City Fire Department in 1985.
According to David Hunkup, the director of emergency services for the RSIC, after last month’s CERT training, the RSIC is on its way to building a safer community.
While state and federal resources can be activated to help, there may be a delay for them getting to those who need them. Thayer, who also works for ITERC as the Tribal Clinic National Incident Management System (NIMS) Coordinator, said that CERT is about readiness. Hunkup added that the next step to building a CERT is to continue offering training to the community and to extol its benefits.

The impact of losing a member of the school community by a sudden death such as illness, suicide, homicide, accident, natural disaster or other sudden tragedy can have a devastating, and perhaps, long lasting impact on students and staff.
Berkeley CERT volunteers help prepare the city for the "river in the sky" storm in December 2014. Berkeley CERT has added a training video on Fire Safety and CERT response.  View the Fire Suppression Safety video here.
Berkeley CERT's academy trains new CERT members in organized response and equipped these community leaders with basic skills to help themselves, their families and their community in disaster.  Berkeley CERT Academy webpage.
Berkeley CERT conducted flood control and response training in February 2012 to hlep CERT members be ready to respond to winter storms in their community.  Watch Berkeley CERT's Expedient Flood Training Video to learn some of these important skills and to see how CERT continues to help with preparing our community for emergencies. Emergency Response Cpr Training - Cpr And First Aid Classes, Cpr Training, First Aid Training Save a life!
These volunteers now have the skills needed to help their families and neighbors after they successfully completed Community Emergency Response Team training in Hungry Valley last month. The emergency preparedness seminars attracted community members, Colony employees, and volunteers. This was well-documented following an earthquake in Mexico City where untrained, spontaneous volunteers saved 800 people.

The LAFD created a disaster preparedness division within the fire department for the purpose of training citizens and employees how to help in the event of an emergency.
Teachers, students, administrators, and families are stunned and often times overwhelmed with feelings of grief and helplessness, and thoughts of confusion, guilt or resentment that need to be addressed. The Nationally utilized System and the Multi-Hazard Plans produced by Keys has been reviewed by state officials and meet needed standards. However, in that same natural disaster, 100 people lost their lives while attempting to save others. The System is used by the  Keys professional staff to guide the schools Threat Assessment & Response Team, First Responders and the community stakeholders and leaders, through the steps of developing and publishing a fully functional Multi-Hazard Plan.
Would you know what to do if someone had a heart attack or choked or even stopped breathing?

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