The impact of losing a member of the school community by a sudden death such as illness, suicide, homicide, accident, natural disaster or other sudden tragedy can have a devastating, and perhaps, long lasting impact on students and staff.
Our experience provides clients with innovative, cost effective training and consultancy solutions in over 6 continents from our purpose built training centres to delivery at your workplace.
Many of the courses offered by Falck Australia are nationally recognized and accredited under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Trainers are qualified to a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment level or higher and have relevant industry experience. Become a Red Cross instructor and be part of an elite team that delivers lifesaving health and safety training under the most recognized and trusted symbol in the world.
Cara Metz They may look like astronauts, but these are science teachers and laboratory specialists learning how to deal with a chemical spill.
But it was the spill-response simulation that was the highlight of the training, said UFT Safety & Health Program Coordinator Junior Linton, who helped to organize and run the training. Judith Exler, a chemistry teacher from Mott Hall HS in Manhattan with 10 years of experience, said she had learned a lot about different types of protective equipment, what chemicals can and can’t be stored together and who to contact if there are any problems.
The training was conducted in collaboration with the International Chemical Workers Union Council and funded in part with a grant from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

The ERTC provides NRA courses in Basic Pistol Shooting, Basic Shotgun Shooting, Basic Rifle Shooting, Personal Protection in the Home, and Personal Protection Outside the Home to individuals and organizations of every size. Teachers, students, administrators, and families are stunned and often times overwhelmed with feelings of grief and helplessness, and thoughts of confusion, guilt or resentment that need to be addressed. The Nationally utilized System and the Multi-Hazard Plans produced by Keys has been reviewed by state officials and meet needed standards.
We offer truly portable solutions with our mobile training units bringing training to our clients’ premises – wherever they are. In Australia we specialise in training of the offshore, maritime and mining industry but also have clients from the aviation, petrochemical and manufacturing industry. Two of the senior trainers have a combined experience of 60 years experience within emergency services in Australia, UK and New Zealand.
Mary Schiff (left), who teaches at Brooklyn Tech, is decontaminating a colleague in this practice exercise.
That’s why more than 20 members of the UFT — including laboratory specialists and science teachers — spent four days in late August at the union’s Manhattan headquarters for the UFT Safety & Health Department’s 11th Annual Secondary School Chemical Emergency Response Training.
Tabletop group exercises, demonstrations and hands-on use of personal protective equipment and spill-control materials were among the activities used to instruct participants in how to safely respond to a chemical emergency.

This level of experience and subject matter sets Falck Australia apart from other training? organisations. The System is used by the  Keys professional staff to guide the schools Threat Assessment & Response Team, First Responders and the community stakeholders and leaders, through the steps of developing and publishing a fully functional Multi-Hazard Plan. Falck Australia also have trainers and managers who have served similar careers in mining and the resources sector. All of the services offered are of the highest standard and are conducted at award winning safety levels and within strict quality parameters.

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