Spotted Dog Technologies' Real-time Volunteer Emergency Response (ROVER) System, formerly PageConfirm, is a comprehensive solution that provides all the tools you need to effectively manage first responder resources. Using any phone or web browser, esponders can instantly notify their command and all other responders of their availability. What's more, ROVER is simple to use and easily customized to the way you run your operation.
Full reporting features provide a high level of management visibility for planning, recruiting and training purposes. ROVER is the first real-time responder management system to be designed by a first responder with over 26 years of experience.
Designed from the ground up to be an affordable solution for local agencies, the system can be accessed through any Internet connection and requires no additional hardware or software. Check out Volunteer Fairfax in the Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management's (OEM) brochure. For more information regarding Volunteer Fairfax's Emergency Response Program, contact Tracy Friend or call 703-246-3553. ERSLA is committed to creating sustainable solutions, and its work focuses on training Nicaraguans.
Volunteers without specific emergency response skills (and, particularly, language skills) who will be visiting for one month or less are welcome on “familiarization trips.” These volunteers can assist with projects such as first-aid training or water filter distribution. Volunteer responsibilities are explained in an on-site orientation upon arrival in Nicaragua. Application Process: Volunteers must complete a three-page application form (sent to them by ERSLA) that indicates skills and interests. Cost: ERSLA works with each volunteer to develop a budget that covers airport pickup, administration costs, transportation (private or public vehicles, depending on project and comfort level), and a personal cell phone with minutes added each week.
Housing: ERSLA can make accommodation arrangements for volunteers, or volunteers can make their own.
100% of the royalties from the sales of "PASS IT ON" will be donated to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the Chief Ray Downey Scholarship Fund. A volunteer firefighter from the Cedarville Fire Department is accused of hitting another firefighter with his pickup truck. 25-year old Jared Thayer of Little Falls was responding to a structure fire on Jerusalem Hill Road in the Town of Litchfield.
Thayer told State Police there was heavy smoke and low visibility and he couldn’t avoid striking 61-year old Raymond Jones. If you are already a trained volunteer affiliated with an emergency response organization, please contact that agency to register your readiness to receive an assignment.
Calls placed to the hotline will be received by the Business Action Center, which will work with the Office of Volunteerism and NJ AmeriCorps to match and direct volunteers where help is needed.  When live operators are not available, callers can leave a voicemail message that includes their place of residence, availability and skills.

Follow the NJOEM (New Jersey Office of Emergency Management) blog for latest Hurricane Sandy updates including road openings, state issued alerts and more.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive New Jersey Insiders contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE.
The CERTPRO app, which is still under development, also creates a real-time database of Community Emergency Response Team members with special skills.
Three North Texas seventh-graders have created an app that would help keep track of volunteers like CERT members.
Three North Texas seventh-graders have created an app that not only would help keep track of volunteers, but also would ensure that disaster-stricken communities get the federal aid they are entitled to.
The team has already won $17,000 in awards, $5,000 of which came from the Stem-In-Action grant, which eCybermission reserves for projects whose real-world implementation show the most promise. It’s important because the number of volunteer hours put into a recovery effort plays a critical role in the amount of aid FEMA decides to send.
Plano hasn’t used the app in an actual crisis, but it was used in a few training exercises. None of the teens had ever developed a mobile application, so all three of them spent their free time after school learning how to use the MIT App Inventor. The app they were building in the old software wouldn’t have been compatible with the new version, and a few weeks was not enough time to rebuild an app from the ground up.
Team Protons spent the week participating in STEM enrichment activities that led up to the final judging panel on Thursday afternoon. Now that they are back from the competition, they want to get CERTPRO out of the development phase and into the hands of volunteers. Answer 10 questions to take stock of your eGovernment Program and get personalized recommendations. With the heart-breaking disaster in Oklahoma on Monday CCD thought it might be a good time to let you know about this local opportunity to contribute to your community by helping to observe our weather. ROVER closes the communication loop on traditional call-out systems by providing critical insight into the availability and location of first responders. With the press of a button, all responder information: name, qualifications, destination and estimated travel time is accessible through any Internet connection. Technical support is always just one mouse click away and clients are invited to participate in driving new features and future product enhancements.
The service supports secure browser 128-bit SSL encryption, is fault tolerant and fully redundant. We can also take photos of locations, buildings and groups for use on the cards that we print.

ERSLA is committed to creating sustainable solutions, and its work focuses on training Nicaraguans.At the time of this writing, current projects included the provision of firefighter equipment and training, a water filter program, building smoke-free stoves, and burn prevention education. Those without Spanish skills, or with basic Spanish only, usually work as assistants for a staff member or other volunteer.
ERSLA’s project coordinator works with the volunteers to ensure that expectations are met and also that the volunteer feels useful. This can vary significantly depending on the volunteer’s ability or willingness to take public transportation such as buses, or the need to transport equipment for the project. Robertson is the author of Moon Honduras & the Bay Islands, Moon Volunteer Vacations in Latin America, Moon Spotlight Copan, and Moon Spotlight Honduras Bay Islands. If you are interested in volunteering with a variety of Hurricane Sandy clean-up activities in New Jersey, call the state’s volunteer emergency response hotline at 1-800-JERSEY-7 (1-800-537-7397).
If you are an official from any volunteer organization helping with cleanup and the victims of Hurricane Sandy, please use the comments section below to spread the word about your organization and ways that people can get involved. If you are an official from a volunteer organization helping with cleanup and the victims of Hurricane Sandy, please use the comments section below to spread the word about your organization and ways that people can get involved. The community also may have missed out on some federal aid because of the lack of organization.
The competition was held by the Army Education Outreach Program to promote STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) literacy and a foundation for innovative careers in science and engineering.
Moore and other communities that have been struck by disasters might have received more help from the federal government if they had an accurate way to organize and record the efforts of their local volunteers. Officials like the app and would like to see it eventually become an official means of organization and communication. A critical update for the App Inventor was scheduled for release a few weeks before their portfolio was due for the competition. The National Weather Service, the Forsyth County Office of Emergency Management, and the Forsyth Community Emergency Response Team are sponsoring basic and advanced SKYWARN Severe Weather Spotter Training Saturday, May 25, at the Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Building, 1450 Fairchild Road, Winston-Salem. With ROVER, you can determine the best allocation of assets and get equipment and personnel on the road faster than ever before. Volunteers with emergency response skills, such as a firefighter who knows extrication or brush fire techniques, or a nurse who understands first-aid training, will have a greater opportunity to apply those skills on a short visit, depending on their knowledge level and Spanish skills.
ERSLA can arrange Spanish lessons (at the volunteer’s expense) for those wishing to improve their language skills. You'll know exactly when to leave the fire house and whether you need second alarm or mutal aid calls.

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