A Severe Thunderstorm Warning means a storm is approaching and residents should take immediate cover.
Don’t wait until an emergency siren sounds to start looking for flashlights and other things. This program provides rescue personnel valuable timesaving, location information should debris or structural damage due to severe weather block a storm shelter exit. To register a storm cellar, safe room, or other personal severe weather shelter, complete the online Storm Shelter Registry form. This information is maintained by Emergency Management personnel and used only in the event of structural damage from severe weather or other related incidents.
The dramatization above is what so many in our society have been planning for, some even dreaming about, and others praying for.
The great thing about Emergency Management is that no matter what is coming, using an All Hazards approach, I will have a plan in place that will see me through.
To regulate our bodies, we need AIR to create energy for processes essential to walking, thinking, digestion, etc. WATER also helps maintain our bodies in breathing, digestion, circulation, flushing out toxins and so much more. SHELTER (or clothing) is another way we regulate our bodies by trapping the heat they make.
I add HOPE into the mix because without it, we lose our will to live and our ability to manage our fear.
As we look at the four processes below keep each of these rules in the forefront of your mind.
It breaks my heart that we spend so much time gathering stuff and so little on the plan itself. Remember that everyone in the world responds initially the same to an emergency, a RECOGNITION PHASE (shock, disbelief, etc.). By knowing the five highest occurring events in your area you know what to learn to manage. Charles Winchester earned a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and Masters in Emergency Management. Chuck Winchester holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Masters in Emergency Management. When I used to teach in Emergency Management I would teach that a Response is thought out and calculated to accomplish something.
Some transitional housing assists with substance abuse treatment, psychological assistance, job training while others only provide limited assistance.
Please review the details of each transitional facility to make sure you obtain the correct information. Transitional housing is temporary housing for the working homeless population and is set up to transition their residents to permanent housing. Go to lowest level possible, and find an interior room or hallway without windows.
Look for Severe Weather Shelter Areas (located in select facilities) marked by the green sign on the right. Did you know that North Carolina is one of the leading states for lightning related injuries in the United States?A  Severe weather is possible throughout the year in North Carolina, and it is important to be prepared when it occurs.A  While the potential exist throughout the year, severe weather is most common during the spring. If necessary, look for Severe Weather Shelter Areas (located in select facilities) marked by this sign.

A safe building (structure) is one that is fully enclosed with a roof, walls and floor, and has plumbing or wiring.
Unsafe buildings include car ports, open garages, covered patios, picnic shelters, beach pavilions, golf shelters, tents of any kind, baseball dugouts, sheds, and greenhouses.
As millions of homeless keep craving for a refuge, home is, undeniably, one of the most basic human needs that demand a proper solution. A team of 50 interior design and construction management students created small houses with wood pallets, cardboard, scrap lumber and can lids, as part of their spring semester project. All storms can cause different types of damage; You may need to respond promptly to one of these Severe Weather threats posed by a storm in your area. Listen to the media to know when a storm is approaching your area and when you need to take protective action. As an additional safeguard, registrants are encouraged to include an out-of-town accountability contact. Also, we will look at how the same basic concerns in Outdoor Self-Reliance apply to an all hazards approach in emergency management. To find that answer we have to think about what are the most important things that keep us alive. We are in a battle to continue its flow into our bodies, don’t hydrate properly and in time we will, well,  become zombies. And fear brings about a little hormone called Adrenaline; left uncontrolled, it will quickly shut down our ability to think.
I live in a controlled environment, I wear clothes for the season I’m in, I study and take classes on how I regulate and maintain my rule of threes. When was the last time you got up at 0300 and set off the fire alarm to see how you and yours responded.
All the stuff in the world will not keep the zombies away if you don’t know how to use it, where it is, when to use, what to use, or who is going to use the stuff because you forgot to prepare the most important thing, YOUR MIND. I should start the second the response begins to figure out when it is going to end and how I can get back to my regularly scheduled program. Living in the Deep South, I don’t plan on a Snow Storm, however the same supplies I use for a hurricane will work for one anyway.
A Certified Emergency Management Coordinator, he is also a Wilderness EMT and Certified American Heart Association instructor in First Aid, CPR, and AED.
Unsafe vehicles include convertibles, golf carts, riding mowers, open cab construction equipment, boats without cabins, and other similar vehicles. Hoping to provide one to all, Fresno architect Art Dyson collaborates with California State University and has come up with emergency shelters made from recycled stuff. The house includes central bath and cooking facilities, and asks people to produce eatables or daily supplies. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
An All Hazards approach means that we approach every hazard in the same way, we manage the hazards differently according to the event but use the same processes in all. So as we begin, we will use these Rule of Threes as our baseline of what and how we need to do things. Without the ability to think and reason, we do not make good decisions that affect our abilities to manage and regulate our bodies.

By the way, did you notice that they did many of the same things, and that each one is important? Your mitigation and preparedness (including mental) will dictate your response to most hazards. Once I have recovered, I need to see what in my plan worked well and what I should improve on. We talked about an All Hazards approach to events, but which events should I plan to manage? We will cover this in some detail with a Hazards Vulnerability Assessment (you can do) in the next article. As a retired Law Enforcement Officer he has been POST certified in Use of Force and Firearms Instruction. Thus, aside from providing shelter to those needy ones, the homeless shelter project also seeks to make them self-reliant and reduce trash from landfills. Remember that those same things will decide if you just survive the event or manage the event. I want to manage what comes my way. I look at where I live and the historical data of what types of disasters have happened in the last ten years for my area. Since the early 90’s, he has been involved in the Boys Scouts of America as a Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Troop Master, Area Council Event Coordinator, Area Council Trainer and an instructor for BSA in outdoor living skills. Believe it or not prepping is just one of piece of the process needed to manage any and ALL emergencies. In most cases we can survive three weeks (or much longer) without food, three days without water, 3 hours without shelter, and three minutes without air. Just make sure that you also take the time to write down a plan of action for what, who, when, where, and how you will use your stuff.
Retired after ten years as a state law enforcement officer, he has held POST certifications in use of force and firearms training.
A master of outdoor cuisine, Chuck has successfully been catering for over 15 years and is certified in safe food handling by the State of Georgia. With proper management you will know the what, when, where, why, and how of any hazard you face. In addition, he has successfully managed several restaurants and a southern cuisine catering service.
Blessed to be married to his soul mate, he has enjoyed raising his five kids and sharing his knowledge with them and others. We will walk down this path together and shed light on the other processes needed to make it through. In my opinion the best way to mitigate a disaster is to plan for it, educate myself on the skills I need to regulate my body, to learn how to maintain my Rule of Threes, and train for those rules.

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