40 - Pages of Triage forms: (Patient Evaluation, Body Identification, Injury Assessment etc), Triage Instructions, ICS Instruction.
4 Legend Safety Vests:These versatile safety vests have a clear legend on the front for name tag and the back area for assignment or design your own inserts. 1 Triage Book (37 Page):This in-depth book offers tips on how to set up your triage unit as well as an explanation of what triage is, how to perform triage and the pitfalls of a triage operation.
2 paramedic blankets (also doubles as pillows), triage tags, solar blankets and latex gloves.
International Emergency Relief Samaritan’s Purse responds immediately to global crises and helps desperate families, many of whom have lost everything.
Close For about $35,000, we can upgrade a surgical ward or construct an outpatient clinic to serve an impoverished community. Close Samaritan’s Purse has provided tens of thousands of families in devastated countries such as Nepal, the Philippines, and Haiti with emergency housing wrapped in weatherproof blue plastic.
Close A gift of $50 will equip health-care workers to bind up wounds in the Name of Jesus. Your gift to "Where Most Needed" equips Samaritan's Purse with the resources—including personnel, materials, supporting services, buildings, and equipment—to fulfill our mission of relief and evangelism worldwide.

To give appreciated securities, avoid capital gains tax, and qualify for a fair market value deduction click here. Sign up to receive email updates on the work of Samaritan's Purse, prayer alerts, and volunteer opportunities. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We offer the finest Emergency Water Purification products from Aquamira (Frontier), Katadyn, Potable Aqua, SteriPen, and Vapur, as well as the best Emergency Drinking Water by Mainstay (5-year shelf life) and Blue Can Water (50 year shelf life).
Store or create a source for clean, drinkable water in the event of a natural disaster, water contamination, or if you have questionable drinking water. Blue Can and Mainstay Emergency Drinking Water is also available in large palletized quantities! Also included are the following forms: Triage Treatment Log - Head-to-Toe Patient Evaluation - Injury Assessment - Body Identification Sheet. For just $45, we can supply a hurting family with a kit or other emergency supplies that will meet their needs today, give them hope for tomorrow, and reach out to them with the love of Christ. Each office works toward the same goal of taking the love of Jesus Christ to victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, and disease.

If you cannot give online and would like to wire transfer a donation from your bank account, please call us and we would be glad to assist you.
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Water Filters, Water Treatment & Water Purification products, Emergency Drinking Water, and Water Storage Accessories.
These products provide a valuable resource to ensure clean drinking water for your camping, backpacking, hiking, and international travel. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).

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