During the festival, you can bring donations of food for the Edmonton Food Bank, and clothing for the Youth Emergency Shelter. Edmonton Food Bank: non-perishable high-protein items such as beans (with or without pork), canned fish or meat, peanut butter, and powdered milk, juice, both liquid and powder, macaroni and cheese dinners (or pasta and sauce), soup, canned fruits or vegetables foodstuffs for babies and infants, baby cereal, formula, or jars of food.
Youth Emergency shelter: This year we are in need of of the usual (canned goods, lunch snacks, warm coats, dishwasher soap, toilet paper, paper towel, hoodies, whiteout, garbage cans, alarm clocks, art supplies, and lamps).
Severe flooding has damaged much of our basement facilities and the stockpiles of food and clothing on which our community depends.
Extreme rainfall has negatively affected many homes and businesses in the Edmonton area, including those of PTI.
PTI's commendable donation of fruit, sandwiches, milk, socks and soap - among a great many other goods - will go a long way to ensure that Bissell Cente can continue to serve the community as we cope with the aftermath of sewage flooding. As we continue to receive donations, we would like to thank partners like PTI for helping make our community a better place for everyone. Stay up-to-date on the latest news and to learn how you can help end poverty in our community. Our Team of Experts are pleased to provide mobile and shop services to our residential customers. By installing Medeco High Security locks in your home you can be sure that if you give a key to someone they will not be able to duplicate it. Regardless of the time of day we provide emergency repairs for locks, doors and safes to ensure your home is secure. Keyless Entry ensures that you don’t have to worry about misplacing a key, all you need to open your lock is a code. If you are concerned about a gap in your door ask our experts to install a door wrap which adds protection against prying and forced entry. If you are concerned about mail theft you can install a lock to make sure that only you and Canada Post have access to your mail. Our mobile service includes installation, service and repair of all types of door hardware and locks in the Edmonton area.
We offer a large variety of residential grade locks for our Edmonton and area customers including Deadbolts, Knobsets, and Lever Handles, by various manufacturers including Schlage, LSDA, & Arrow. Edmonton Lock & Safe services and supplies all major residential brands of door hardware.
The sun was shining at this year’s ‘Get Ready in the Park’ Emergency Preparedness event in Edmonton on May 9th, as thousands of people visited displays, booths, and presentations put on by various emergency agencies, including The Salvation Army. Sally Ann gave out hugs and high-fives to the kids, and their parents picked up information about how we respond to emergencies locally, and around the world. Our EDS teams are comprised of trained personnel and can respond to emergency events anywhere needed – locally, nationally, and internationally – providing assistance to those in crisis, and Giving Hope Today.
During National Volunteer Week, from April 10 to 16, we want to take time to celebrate their contributions and thank them for their support. The area around Brooks, Alberta has been hit hard by the downturn in the oil and gas industry. A power outage caused a number of oil refineries to begin flaring Saturday, September 21, 2013. Sponsored content is written by Global News' editorial staff without any editorial influence by the sponsor. Sponsored content is written by Global News' without any editorial influence by the sponsor.

Access to a hand auger is probably one of the main reasons that a professional is called in to conduct emergency plumbing fixes. A pipe wrench is one of the plumbing supplies Edmonton that is very effective for uses other than being brandished as a weapon. A basin wrench (sink) wrench is a very niche member of the plumbing supplies Edmonton family. Sink plungers work on the exact same principal as standard plungers but are shaped a little different.
Tongue-and-groove pliers work on a different system than regular pliers in that the handle stays stationery while the grips actually rotate.
In cases where a damaged section of pipe needs to be removed and replaced, a propane torch is needed to sweat the line. When fixing old damaged pipes, you’ll need a way to get the inferior parts out of the way while at the same time cutting a replacement length. The last small component of your plumbing supplies Edmonton toolbox is a metal file to debur the edges of pipe that needs to be adjoined. Perhaps the most important of the plumbing supplies Edmonton you’ll need though is knowledge. Filed Under: Plumbing About Bob BiesBob Bies is the Chief Executive Officer for Furnace Repair Edmonton, which specializes in heating, air conditioning and plumbing installation, repair and servicing. Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently! We supply, install, service and repair a wide range of products to make sure that your home is secure. Our extensive key blank selection includes, High Security, Tubular, Safety Deposit Box, Mailbox, office equipment and furniture, cabinet and specialty as well as both commercial and residential keys. Cute mini piggy banks designed to teach kids about donating to charity were given out throughout the day, and the first thousand visitors to our booth got to help us celebrate Donut Day with a free donut! This Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) truck is beacon of hope to people in crisis, and allows us to mobilize to disasters and emergencies and provide hot meals, supplies, spiritual care, and more. The piggy banks were given out to kids with the instructions that when they have some spare change, they can save it up make a donation to a charity at Christmas. As a result, refineries in the area began flaring, which produces tall flames and causes dark smoke to come out of the stacks of the refineries.
Learning even the most minute details of your homes pipes is a great way to save money on service calls and is rewarding in that you acquire knowledge about your house. It’s definitely one of the main additions of plumbing supplies Edmonton for the weekend fixer-upper. On some fixtures the fittings have a rounded surface and the design of the pipe wrench with angled teeth makes it perfect for grabbing and rotating these objects.
It’s specifically designed to loosen fixtures in areas too tight to fit a pipe wrench. A standard plunger looks like a ball cut in half whereas a sink plunger has an extension that reaches into the drain and provides a more aesthetically productive suction. These are useful plumbing supplies Edmonton because they enable the user to reach nuts and bolts that are in cramped quarters.
A hacksaw comes in handy but a pipe cutter is recommended to give a much cleaner, crisper cut. Most people have a metal file laying around their house but it’s not a bad idea to get one dedicated just for your plumbing tools.

In a weird way knowledge can be attained but many times you’ll need the real physical tools to do so, as is the circle of water in and out of your home so is learning about the trade.
Whether you have moved into a new home, lost a key, are in the market for a safe we can look after all of your security needs.
We offer both touch screen and mechanical push button locks such as the Arrow Revolution or the Kaba Ilco Simplex line.
Emergency open ups of your commercial or residential lock will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Salvation Army “Lassies” served donuts on the front lines to the soldiers during WWI, so it was a great opportunity to not only share our history, but our current projects as well. We have four such CRUs in the Division, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, and Lethbridge, and all have been used in our responses, most notably during the floods in Southern Alberta in 2013.
Employment Insurance benefits have run out for many or they didn’t qualify to begin with because they were self-employed contractors.
Flaring is a safety measure refineries take to burn excess hydrocarbons and release pressure in the plant.AHS says air quality in the City of Edmonton is no longer being impacted. You may have heard this little life-saver referred to as a plumber’s snake or even a toilet eel (?) because of the way it squeaks through the pipes, trying to disrupt blockages that have been causing clogs and backups. Additionally round pipes can be rotated if needed with the wrench, which also has an adjustable handle to get the perfect width. Some people have an arsenal of plumbing supplies Edmonton that features either a sink plunger or a toilet plunger but rarely both. Each end of the new pipe is covered in solder (adhesive) and joined to the other sections with heat from the torch. Always remember that if you’re not comfortable performing home plumbing remedies, feel free to call in a professional. Families are running through their savings and many don’t qualify for social assistance. Pipes deal with a lot of friction and suction and not to mention tight quarters so adding some new plumbing supplies Edmonton to your toolbox will help save you from getting soaked.
There’s definitely a difference between sink hand augers and toilet ones though so be sure to check with a professional as to not cause more damage by getting tangled in the pipes.
Pipe wrenches are usually pretty heavy, made of cast iron, and are also available for small bathroom jobs (10” handle) to commercial and industrial use (48”).
The jaws form around a small space fitting such as the one connecting a faucet to a sink and clamp together with the handle. Depending on how much turkey Aunt Edna had, these tools can prove to be more effective with chemical drain cleaner.
Not only will you prevent possible sever damage to your pipes, the contractor might be nice enough to let you hover over his or her shoulder and perhaps learn a thing from the pros. Here is some info on the basics of what you’ll need to transform into Super Mario, the princess rescuing plumber.
The augers work in mostly the same way of a coiled wire being forced through pipes by a hand crank but differ in design.

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