Analysis of the NHS 111 service has shown that at peak times, especially Saturday mornings, up to a third of calls are for people seeking repeat prescriptions, as opposed to needing urgent help.  Therefore the Medicines Management Team at Dorset CCG are undertaking a communications campaign, starting with holiday makers, aiming to remind patients that they should order their prescriptions in plenty of time and then see community pharmacy as a key first point of access for advice when they have run out of their medicines. Having a consistent approach should have positive effects on the wider health community and the Head of Medicines Management at Dorset CCG has thanked community pharmacy in advance for their efforts to support this initiative.   Early indications are that the part that Community Pharmacists, and GP practices have played in reminding patients to order repeat medicines early, and not to use the NHS 111 service for repeat medicines has had a positive impact on the numbers of callers to the NHS111 service at peak times. Somerset LPC is the body that represents the interests of 102 community pharmacies across Somerset.
Please find final lists of Pharmacies open over the Easter Period 2016 across Dorset, Bournemouth & Poole.

Public Health England has created a HLP e newsletter which they publish quarterly to help raise awareness of HLPs. Alison is the point of contact for contractors and commissioners and helps us with our research and development of new pharmacy services in Dorset which will improve access for patients and offer choice in healthcare provision.
We Collect your prescriptions from your surgery; Prepare your prescriptions ready for you to collect from Shirley Pharmacy.
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In addition, referring patients to pharmacies when all that they need is medicines supply, rather than access to a Doctor, is freeing up time for Doctors in the out of hours period for dealing with more urgent cases.

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