If a disaster strikes in your community, you might not have access to food, water, or electricity for several days. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides weather updates during emergencies. Keep copies of your important documents, cash, spare keys, and maps in you emergency supply kit.
Your completed family emergency plan, complete with family and emergency contact information. In a disaster situation, you may need to get your emergency supply kit quickly, whether you are sheltering at home or evacuating.
Remember that certain items, like medications and paper documents, need to be kept in waterproof containers.
Check the expiration dates on food, water, medicine, and batteries at least two times per year.

Families can make emergencies less stressful by preparing in advance and working together as a team.
Ask your kids to think of items that they would like to include in an emergency supply kit, such as books, games, and pre-packaged foods. Find out where your gas, electric, and water shut-off locations are, and how to turn them off. If you already know your item #'s simply enter them below along with the quantity desired and add them to your cart for a speedy check-out. Specifically developed by an orthodontist, this kit allows for repair of loose or broken wires until an orthodontist visit is deemed necessary. Home > Emergency Kits > School & Classroom Emergency Kits School & Classroom Emergency Kits Emergency kits perfect for any school and budget.In addition to being able to take care of students and staff during an emergency, many schools are also emergency and disaster shelters for the surrounding community.
You may think that you will have enough time to run to the grocery store, but stores quickly sell out of important supplies following emergency warnings.

A carrier should be large enough for the animal to stand comfortably, turn around, and lie down. It's extremely important that all items in your kit are functional at the time of an emergency. This kit includes: Emergency Distal End Cutter, Push Stick, Relief Wax, Mouth Mirror, Alcohol Wipe and Instruction Booklet.
Unfortunately, about half of adults in the United States do not have the resources and plans in place for a possible emergency. Preparing emergency kits for your family is an important step in keeping them safe and healthy during a disaster.

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