We started off the whole unit with each table group having a plastic box and mixing gravel, sand, clay, and soil to create their land.
They progressed to creating rivers and studying the flow of water from a small hole in a cup to a large one, to one with three holes. Finally it ended with slideshow presentations from each group and most chose to do theirs  about dams or water. This unit took us several weeks, but my student never grew tired of it and looked forward to science. I'm really loving these kinds of pages with two texts, since our state test tends to have these. Review Disclaimer: I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for Carson-Dellosa and have received these products for free to review.
I've been super quiet on here lately because as you've maybe seen on my IG or FB, I bought a house! My students thoroughly enjoyed our Oregon Trail unit and we are now in our land and water unit. Jen from Teaching in the Tongass has a great linky where we share our top 3 wishlisted items in our stores! I decided since one of the wagon's oxen died, we had a grass fire, and the whole wagon train came down with measles, we need a pioneer fun day.

Then we learned some more things and we kept coming back to chores from the past compared to today's chores. We began our journey on the Oregon Trail and my kiddos have loved it from the first minute. Now I love getting into character, especially at the start of any new social studies or science unit.
They came in Wednesday morning to see me dressed in a bonnet and apron and my trading post ready to go. This wagon group finished early, so they taped out an approximate size of the wagon, 4 x 10. Our first key question actually got us talking about the migration happening in Germany right now with refugees. Turn off the lights, put on fiddle music, and project the prairie and it was a fabulous meeting. I can't wait for the rest of journey to unfold and will definitely keep you posted as we travel along the Oregon Trail!
Seeing them work together to create and engineer the dams and landscapes was thrilling for me!
We shook for about 20 minutes  (we did use heavy whipping cream, so it may be why it took that long).

It makes me thrilled that we expanded this unit into January and give a bigger amount of time of how our state was really developed from this big moment.
This lent itself beautifully for me; pioneers are a topic I have been obsessed with since I was a little girl.
We had Monday off for teacher in-service and Tuesday, the kids learned about Oregon Trail propaganda. Toss in some fiddle music in the background, a southern accent (yes I know we started in Missouri and they don't have that accent, but it was about being a different character!) They called me ma'am and I called them sir and ma'am and we had fun. The pic above has the kids warming their hands :)   We discussed our wagon train business, decided to set up camp for the night, I read by lantern a few pages from an Oregon Trail book, and our time was up already!
Then they remember Little House on The Prairie put carrots in the cream to make it orange, after one student asked why ours was so white.
I tried to entice them with the "land of milk and honey" poster and a "cooked pigs run free" stuff, but they wouldn't fall for it. Though their butter was completely formed, they scraped in carrots that happened to be the school snack that day (fate?!?!?) and shook and colored their butter.

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