Helpful tips on what to do during a hurricane, typhoon, or cyclone or any bad weather conditionBe prepared when the bad weather comesAs long as we live, we will always experience the apprehensions and uncertainties whenever bad weather sets.
As such, it is important to be prepared when these natural calamities occur in the place or community that we leave.
Any bad weather condition would carry with it heavy rains or snow, strong winds, and lightning strikes. When a hurricane comes, your home will be battered by strong winds, storm surges, and heavy rains. Knowing what to do is doing half of what is needed to survive when natural calamities set in, knowing how to apply these survival tips gets the need to survive done. One way of preparation is to be ready with first aid kits, emergency supplies, and having a "can-do" attitude.
As such, it is very important to think ahead and plan where you are going to go when these natural calamities occur.

Communication lines would be down, roads are impassable, water might not be drinkable, and there will be a shortage of food.
It is hoped that these hurricane preparedness tips can assist you on how to take shelter and escape from harm's way. You community officials usually will release information about the storm and will suggest some reliable places to go to to take shelter.
To avoid these problems, it is always a good idea to acquire your hurricane preparedness supplies before the actual storm comes. These must be sturdy and strong, and can withstand the rage of the hurricane at its fullest.
Always have nearby a battery-operated radio in order for you listen to broadcasts relating to the hurricane. When these weather disturbances leave an area, chaos, destruction, and crisis eventually result.

These tips are applicable also when you experience typhoons, cyclones, and any weather disturbances around the world. As there will be frantic buying, as is usually the case before a hurricane, stay ahead of the pack by buying the food that you and you family will need, the water that you'll need to drink, and some other things important for your survival. You can reinforce these by driving extra nails on your roof, tying your window locks with strong ropes, and securing your walls and doors with window planks.

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