Readers ask me all the time about the health risks from wi-fi, cell phones, and electrical devices. Gittleman, author of Zapped, a comprehensive guide to EMFs, explains that us humans are basically energy sources with natural electrical forces running through our bodies all the time. EMFs are emitted from every device that plugs into an electrical outlet as well as from airplanes and power lines or transformers. Your laptop, iPod, cell phone or other small handheld electronic devices all emit EMFs when they’re in use, and these frequencies interfere with the flow of energy (Qi flow) in our bodies. According to a study done by the Anatomisches Institute in Germany, high-frequency EMFs had “no notable short-term effect on pineal melatonin synthesis in male and female Sprague-Dawley rats and Djungarian hamsters.” They determined their findings were true for all mammals as well. Excessive EMF absorption has also been linked to headaches, nausea, dizziness, chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, respiratory and cardiovascular distress, behavioral problems, lack of focus, certain cancers, infertility and much more. Every biochemical process involves precisely choreographed movement of EMF-sensitive atoms, molecules, and ions. Anything digital or wireless is going to emit a higher level of EMF than a plugged in device. Wi-fi emits dirty electricity, which is greatly reduced when home computer networks are plugged in with permanent cords. Being the tech-loving geeks that we are in my household, we have wi-fi out the wazoo and don’t plan to ditch it any time soon.
Texting (not while driving, of course) is also safer since the phone is further away from your brain as well. Many folks I know don’t even have a home phone, but if you do, know that cordless phones emit EMFs even when not in use. Due to some weird wiring in our house, our only phone jack happens to be right near my 3 year old’s bed.
Since a baby monitor is right next to your loved one’s head, it would be smart to replace digital monitors with older corded versions.
While you can buy fancy earthing sheets which many of my friends swear by, the basic concept of earthing is making direct contact with the ground. The free radicals created by dirty electricity and other toxins are then neutralized by the earth’s free electrons and inflammation is halted.
Switching from wireless to wired really works – you immediately feel calmer and less stressed.
I like to put orgonite devices on all electrical appliances, and I grid my rooms with orgonite as well. You can get an earthing mat to put under your feet when you’re working at the computer. My husband will never go for shutting off our wireless at night but I can do it during the day. Some people do not know the power at night is often a lot higher of a voltage – and this causes havoc with many things, including fridges and furnaces, as well as Wi-fi. While cruising the web for info on shielding for dirty electricity, I found this info to share with you guys. Hello, we are planning to build an extension to our home and would like to make sure the new space is grounded. EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are invisible areas of energy or lines of force that emanate from matter. EMFs have been under the radar up until the last decade or so because they weren’t as prevalent. This was after a series of studies showed a soft correlation between EMFs and a type of brain cancer. A simpleA test to see if you could be reacting to too much EMF exposure is to go camping for a week and completely unplug.
In fact, excessive EMF exposure during pregnancy has been linked with childhood autism, ADHD, and asthma. However, children continue to be exposed to these EMFsA after birth whileA they are still quite sensitive. Children absorb more radiation than adults do, so safe levels of exposure are much lower for children yet they are often exposed to EMFs at the same rate or sometimes more than adults. The first thing you can do is check how far away cell phone towers are from your home as these are big culprits.
The last thing I want is for people to feel they have to live in a tent in the dessert to reduce their EMF exposure! HereA are some really simple things you can do today that will help you greatly reduce your EMF exposure. Did you know that every cellphone comes with a warning about keeping the phone too close to your body? Bluetooth can beA particularly problematic because you’ve now got a receiver and transmitter on your ear, very close to your brain.
I’ve seen guys keep it in their front pockets (hello, family jewels!) or in their front pocket near theA heart.
If you need to keep your phone on, carry it in your purse or at least in a holster of some sort. Finally, don’t use your phones for an alarm clock or to play music as you fall asleep (unless you can put in airplane mode). Now before you think you’ll have to call an electrician, we actually did this without opening up any walls. These smart meters are in constant wireless communication with the utility for monitoring and billing. If the meter is right outside of your bedroom, you’ll want to invest in a protection device or some shielding materialA to reduce your EMF exposure.
Join 25,000 natural mamas and sign up for my weekly emails a€” plus free instant access to my guide on natural living. About Genevieve After battling weight, digestive, and immune system issues for years, I know firsthand the harmful effects of conventional life. That may be a good idea to keep EMF exposure low, but no exposure to EMF is not exactly healthy as well. Ever since seeing your pictures and hearing about your move, I really want to visit the beach in Destin. We moved into a new house last January, and noticed that they had planned to put the meter outside my daughter’s room. We just moved out of a development into the country where our closest neighbor is much farther than it used to be!

One thing, my hubby has an on call job where he has to have his phone in the room at night in case he gets case out to a gas leak, any tips? My smart meter is just outside my bedroom which specific shielding material would you recommend? One out of eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, making this the most common cancer among women.
Being a lover of technology and convenience, I’ve mostly plugged my ears and hummed a happy tune. The World Health Organization (WHO) put out a press release in May, 2011 that states that radiation from cell phones can be a carcinogen to humans and, with excessive use, could be linked to brain tumors. Iron in blood is affected by EMF as well as the proper function of nerves, blood vessels, skin, and other organs – even the DNA of chromosomes. Our compromise: every night we shut down the wi-fi router so the machines can stop sending EMFs while we sleep. To maximize the restorative benefits of your sleep and eliminate damage from EMFs, remove as many electronic devices from your bedroom as possible. If this not possible, be sure to keep the monitor (as well as any other electronic device) at least 6 feet away from your baby. An LCD screen emits 2mG radiation from a 6 inch distance, but an old CRT television has 4-5mG radiation when tested from 2 feet away. If your furniture is all pushed up against the walls you may want to consider what wiring and appliances are in and behind those walls. In addition, I had to do some research about my cell phone and purchase the one emitting the lowest EMFs. Those televisions cause a flare up for me as well as hard to control anger, dizziness, extreme fatigue, depression, and cloudy brain.
Does anyone know where I can get information to pass to my builder about how to achieve this? I am not tired, I have no headache from acid orange juice, I have better balance and more power. Our bodies have electric and magnetic fields that are associated with our nervous and muscular systems. This kind of EMF exposure comes from our phones, our cars, power lines, laptops, cellphone towers, wifi, and even our blenders and toaster ovens! Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of conclusive studies on this topic, which is a shame because we are literally bombarded with them daily. So much so that the World Health Organization classified EMFs as a€?possibly carcinogenic to humans” back in 2011. Some people are very sensitive to EMF exposure and have to take special, and sometimes extreme, precautions to liveA in this very EMF-rich world. As a general rule, children are more sensitive and vulnerable due to their small size, thinner skulls, and developing brains. Klinghardt, A showed that autism can be predicted based on the EMF levels of a pregnant women’s sleeping space. Children are blasted withA EMFs from baby monitors, equipment in hospital nurseries and NICUs, home wireless systems and more. This EMF meterA is not as sophisticated (or expensive) as some others but it’s a good starting point for determining EMF hotspots in your living space. The important thing to remember is that we live in a digital world and it isn’t going away. In fact, the iPhone 5 manual says users should keep the phone 10 millimeters away from your ear! The frequency from bluetooth is similar to microwave ovens, which had some of the highest EMF readings when I measured with my EMF meter.
There are even special EMF-reducing headsets that can decreaseA your radiation levels even further! We used the NetGear router mentioned above, turned off the wireless and run ether net cables into our computers.
If you are working all day near your Wi-Fi router on your laptop, your EMF exposure will be high.
Although you’d have to really go out of your way to isolate yourself from natural radiation entirely.
My husband has always had sleeping issues and has always lived in close proximity to others, but since moving he has slept much better! And place the phone across the room from you when you’re sleeping (and not 1ft away on bedside table).
It’s about taking some simple steps to reduce exposure to something that could be harmful. For me it would be helpful to understand how you were sponsored (in science we call it “disclosure of a possible conflict of interest”, like are you paid for making the video, reimbursed for certain costs or do you earn a commission on bought products)? I’ve been researching iphone cases and had seen your recommendation for the Defender Shield. Much is known about reproductive, hormonal, and genetic factors associated with breast cancer occurrence.
Slowly though, I started to look around and realized that I am surrounded by electro-magnetic fields (EMFs). I don’t know about you, but I just love the idea of an old fashion twirly-cord phone, and I think we will be switching to one asap. Just be sure to steer clear of the power lines and those suspicious looking symmetrical trees that are cell phone towers in disguise.
I also purchased an old style phone to plug my cell phone into for home use, and the air tube ear phones are fabulous.
I had to purchase another Total Shield for that television which helps immeasurably (but I still don’t spend time near it), and bring back the box TVs for other rooms in the house.
The Earth also has a natural magnetic field and there are electric fields in the atmosphere. We can get a Wi-Fi signal just about anywhere, and so many of us walk aroundA with multiple personal EMF devices like cell phones, smart phones, and laptop computers. Other people can talk on theirA bluetooth device all day and don’t notice any ill effects. Check near the power box to your home, near large appliances, places where electronics and wireless devices are (like an office), and even old metal plumbing which can carry a current.

But, if you can switch to a wired connection, or put an EMF guard on your wireless router and keep it further away from your desk, you’ll greatly reduce your EMF exposure.
I love that I can put my phone in my purse without worrying if it’s close to my body since I know this case reduces my EMF exposure.
Many people report of health problems after being in close proximity ofA smart meters so be sure your home is safe. This transformation spread into every area of my life - physical, emotional & spiritual. Ever since my baby was born I’ve worried about radiation and bought a cell phone protector, and this Christmas I asked for a laptop protector and I bought my husband pocket shields.
Selenite does tend to have tiny needle-y bits dropping off it if it catches on tablecloths, etc, but has such a lovely soft and gentle energy that it’s worth it. After reading both this article and the one you linked, only quoting about the gaps in knowledge does not make a valid argument. My whole family thought I was crazy this past mother’s day when I went home early balling my eyes out due to the intense pain from the WIFI they would not turn off!
Not surprisingly, experts have revealed that the health risks associated with using laptops and notebooks are highest when the devices are used in close proximity to the body. However, our understanding of environmental risk factors, which are assumed to be important because of large geographic variation in breast cancer rates, is limited. Maybe the crystals help harmonize the energy just a bit, but they cannot and will not stop wireless radiation or dirty electricity which are very physical and dangerous to the body.
When tested, it doesn’t actually reduce the levels of the EMF, but I sense that it does smooth the energy from a chaotic wave to a somewhat smoother wave, rendering the EMF and RF less harmful. For that you need to use either Stetzerizer or Greenwave Microsurge Filters, which are made specifically for remediating dirty electricity.
You can always check with your local county for location of towers as they legally have to have this on file. I so look forward to the day where this becomes common knowledge or even knowledged as a disability since it is hard to find a place to work where they don’t use WIFI or use florescent lighting. Many of the reviews for it I see online, however, show complaints of how it’s difficult to maneuver the cover when taking a picture. Thus, despite the catchy name, laptop computers are not actually safe to use from the lap.The past decade has brought with it dramatic changes in the structure and function of computer technology. A possible association between magnetic fields and breast cancer has been suggested, although not confirmed by recent epidemiologic studies.
And if so, how can I reduce EMF exposure without going back to the days of Little House on the Prairie? If you feel remarkably better, and then really lousy when you return home, you just might want to look into reducing your EMF exposure. Should you click on these links and purchase something, the price is no different for you and I earn a small commission.
Can you comment (or show us in another video!) on how you take pictures with your iphone in this case? Bulky old-fashioned desktop computers are being swapped for sleek silver notebooks, and tablets have emerged as a handy option for reading, gaming and shopping on-the-go.
Exponent, in collaboration with other EMF experts conducted an exposure assessment feasibility study of occupational EMF exposure in female textile workers and a methodological evaluation related to studying environmental factors and breast cancer.
No longer are computers confined to a typical office setting with a clunky desk and uncomfortable rolling chair.
Laptops and tablets are now available for use both anytime and anywhere.One problem with this trend towards mobilization is that we are now in ever-closer bodily contact with these devices. To put things into perspective, that’s about 70% of waking hours spent immersed in the digital world.Concerns with EMFs from Laptops and NotebooksFor machines that have become so commonplace, we still understand surprisingly little about the safety of mobile networks and computers. One major concern that has emerged is the degree of electromagnetic radiation emitted from laptops, notebooks and similar devices.It is important to mention that electromagnetic energy is not inherently bad! The earth is a natural source of powerful positive and negative charges that interact with one another to create many of the familiar phenomena in our environment. The majestic show of a thunderstorm for example, results from a turbulent build-up of electrical charge in the atmosphere.
Research published in Archives of Environmental and Occupational Health for example, tested five of the most popular laptop models and found that each one gave off EMF levels “considerably higher” than those deemed acceptable by recent emission guidelines.Institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have also stalled on taking a clear public stance on EMFs, as some of their literature boasts about the safety of mobile technologies, while other evidence-based documents list mobile devices use as a “Class B” carcinogen next to lead and engine exhaust.
By minimizing the number of hours spent gazing into the glow of the computer, you can protect your body from the collective damage of electrical currents.Create SpaceThe intensity of electromagnetic energy decreases with space from the source. In the case of laptop computers for example, a distance of just one foot has been shown to decrease EMF strength by about 80%. Therefore, if possible, keep your laptop or tablet elevated with the screen at least this distance from the body when using it. Backpacks and purses that hang close to the body are usually not the best options for transport.Unplug Your ComputerWhen voltage increases, so does the electric field surrounding a device. Some experts have even estimated that the radiation flowing from a laptop increases near 100 fold when plugged in versus operating on battery power.
Computer batteries are lasting longer than ever, and it is simply not necessary to keep them plugged in all the time to the detriment of your health.Use an EMF Shield!Many people concerned with EMF overexposure are careful to use their speaker phone or a radiation cancelling headset for their cellphone, but are doing nothing about their laptop or notebook computers! It is very important to use an EMF shield for these electronics as well.If you tend to use your laptop or tablet right on your lap or a low desktop surface, consider investing in a physical shield that deflects EMFs from reaching the body.
Most shields work by covering the bottom surface of the device, which is the largest area of contact and prime source of EMF outflow.Not all of the shielding products available on the market are reliable or effective, so be sure to do your research. Unlike many others, the Defender Pad  (for laptops) or Defender Shield (for the iPad or tablet computer) have been independently tested by the FCC to block the full electromagnetic spectrum, making them a reliable and scientifically proven option.Protect yourself today! July 3rd, 2015 8:21 am Reply Harold OppenlanderShields of any kind are a very ify solution. January 14th, 2016 1:07 pm Reply JayjayMy mother worked in a government job when they first replaced typewriters with computers. July 2nd, 2015 8:37 am ReplyLeave a CommentLeave a Reply to Anonymous Cancel reply Sign me up for the newsletter!

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