Pulsating signals as shown in blue below are technically considered DC since the current never drops below the 0 axis line marked with the horizontal arrow.
Alternating current changes the direction of current within a conductor over some period of time.
AC power is almost always sinusoidal, but other forms of periodic AC can be signals in the form of sawtooth, triangle or square.
The variable gray signal shown below which crosses from negative polarity (below the horizontal axis arrow) to positive is more typical of a noise signal, though in the time domain it more likely to take the form of a transient signal or noise spike such as might be seen in lightning, a spark or arcing. AC EMF fields vary in property based primarily on frequency regimes with respect to the size of the object they are affecting. As mentioned above, ELF frequencies such as 60 Hz AC power have electric and magnetic fields which are uncoupled or independent from each other.
Notice that the electric field projects straight out from the cord while the magnetic field curls around the wire and follows what is known as the right hand rule as shown below. This entry was posted in EMF Testing Bio-Electromagnetic Health & Safety Levels and tagged Alternating current, direct current, frequency, right-hand rule on April 20, 2014 by jagman777.
Most certified Building Biology Environmental Consultants focus on AC EMF which has been created by humans.
There can be very high and wide-spread magnetic fields whenever there is a wiring error or stray current on an electrical line, plumbing system, data cable, or any other metallic conductor in a building. We are environmental scientists and industrial hygienists – not doctors or public health experts.
Magnetic fields are present wherever there is current flow, but some sources are more notorious than others.
Proper wiring of panels is easy – as long as the electrician understands the principals of low-EMF wiring.

For some of the knowledge and images above, we extend great appreciation to Karl Riley and his book Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding and the not-for-profit Institute for Building Biology & Ecology.
How can I make a magnetic filed with frequency of 230 Hz where the frequency of available electricity is 50 Hz? Who is Healthy Building Science?We are a group of scientists working to make your indoor spaces healthier. Yes, I want to receive the quarterly Healthy Building Science newsletter with helpful information on how I can create a healthier building. Sign up for our Quarterly newsletterSubscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive helpful updates and articles from Healthy Building Science.
Or click the button below, tell us a little about your project and let our environmental consultants help you create a healthier building. This output is what you would find on the output of a AC-DC power supply or other DC supply that has periodic noise on it. This is the form of electricity found in virtually all power generation and transmission over high voltage lines and in home electrical wiring. Wavelength of the field is much larger than the object they are affecting – this includes ELF frequencies such as 50 Hz in Europe and 60 Hz in North America.
This is a consequence of quasi-static EM field theory which is a low frequency approximation for calculating such fields. In the picture of the lamp below, the electric field is some non-zero value, but the magnetic field is 0 until the switch is turned on and current flows. Every bandwidth between the two green arrows has been filled up with human-generated EMF and EMR.
People call all the time for EMF inspections because they are considering buying a home near a power line, or an office suite is right next to a large electrical conductor.

If you’re near a large external source it might be impossible to achieve 0.2 milliGauss throughout a structure. The electrical drop-down, wiring layout, and electrical panel locations should be isolated from high-use areas. The wavelength of a 60 Hz field is approximately 5000 kilometers or 3100 miles which is much larger than the human body. Current, like water, takes the path of least resistance through buildings and neighborhoods.
Oddly, the rate of reduction with distance is not constant from different types of sources. But, statistically speaking, proximity to these known point sources is often less of a concern than internal wiring errors.
These levels are well below those established by our regulatory agencies in the US, and these levels can be difficult to achieve in some buildings near high-voltage transmission lines or in multi-tenant buildings with wiring errors and stray current problems.
So sometimes we may inadvertently have current flowing on our plumbing systems, phone or cable utilities, or electrical grounding system.
This is generally considered good news because internal wiring errors can be fixed, but distance from external sources is beyond owner control. So if you’re concerned at all about EMF we suggest having an EMF assessment performed – even if you’re not near any mega external sources.
Buildings with active Knob-and-Tube wiring generally have higher ambient magnetic fields because of the distance between the Hot and Neutral of each circuit.

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