EMF RF Shielding air tube earphone aluminium materials, View radiation protect earphone with mic, safeland Product Details from Shanghai Zhongchangjiang Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd. The Met Museum of Art had hired EMF Shielding, Inc to perform a couple of surveys at the Ground Floor of 61 East 82nd Street and on the 3rd Floor in the Photo and Paper Conservation Lab. The objective of these surveys was to collect and analyze extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic flux density data, identify the sources of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) and recommend magnetic field management strategies to mitigate the electromagnetic interference (EMI) and exposure levels in the surveyed areas. Significantly elevated magnetic flux density levels were recorded one-meter above the floor around the transformer and switchboard equipment and permeated into the open work area of the 3rd floor where the Photo and Paper Conservation Lab is located. In order to mitigate the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in the surveyed area to a safe and reasonable level, EMF Shielding Inc. A few months ago, I removed my old Chevrolet Inline 6 cylinder motor, and installed a Chevy 350 V8 into my 1963 Chevrolet C10. After hours of research, most people said to check my grounds for the stereo, battery, and motor. Discovering this, I decided to trace my distributor wiring, and discovered both the Tach and  Power wire ran from the HEI Distributor, through the firewall and under the dash ….
Due to lack of time and motiviation, instead of rerouting the wires away from the stereo, I decided to come up with a temporary solution and wrap the wires in aluminum foil to see if it would shield the EMF coming from the HEI Tach and Power wires and clean up the sound on the stereo. The correct way to fix this would be to re-route the wiring so it does not come near the stereo, and continue to use the Ferrite Filters on the stereo power wires, but for the time being this solution is working.

I tried using Aluminum Foil as EMF Shielding over the the HEI Distributor power wire and the tachometer wire. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The area was bathed in 50 to 78 milligauss EMF levels affecting some of their very sensitive infra red photographic equipments. Immediately after installing the 350, I noticed my aftermarket JVC head unit would not work properly. After wrapping the wires in foil, and then wrapping that up with electrical tape to hold it all together, combined with the Ferrite Filters the choppy sound from the stereo was about 99% gone.
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before opening the packages, so this one has been torn open. When ever the motor was running, the sound would cut in and out, making the stereo virtually impossible to listen to.
The red power wire is the constant hot, and the yellow power wire is only hot when the car is on. After this photo was taken, I wrapped electrical tape around the foild too, to hold everything together. RadioShack sells Ferrite Core Filters, that snap over the power wires which are affected by the EMF.

I disconnected the wire to the tach from the distributor, and the problem virtually went away. At some point in the future I will remove all this, and simply reroute the distributor wires away from the stereo. Honestly, I don’t fully understand how they work, but they some how clean up the EMF interference in electrical current. I went to RadioShack, and found part number 273-0067 which contains 2 Ferrite Filters.  I purchased two of them (for a total of four filters). When you do this make sure you install the filters as close to the stereo connector as possible.
There should be one power wire which is constantly hot (usually red), and a second power wire which is only hot when key is turned to the accessory position or the engine is running (on my JVC this wire was Yellow). Installing these filters helped a little, though it didn’t completely solve the problem. It did however confirm that the problem was probably coming from EMF interference from the distributor.

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