Shield the most important part of your body with this Electro-Magnetic Radiation Reflecting Hat. Classically styled, this cotton hat will protect against electro-magnetic microwave radiation from mobile phones and their masts and wi-fi through to radio and TV broadcasts, computers and power lines.
This EMF Reflecting Hat comprises a 100% medium weight cotton outer, lightweight cotton inner with a Silver Fibre shielding layer sandwiched in between. Please note: due to continuous design updates by manufacturers, the product supplied may not exactly match that pictured. We have lab test results posted from Shielding Effectiveness Tests performed on our products at the University of California, Los Angeles, Center for High Frequency Electronics. EMF shielding effectiveness tests (such as those we had conducted at UCLA), quite literally, measure how effective a material is at shielding from electromagnetic radiation.
Generally, results from shielding effectiveness tests are presented with two different units.

In contrast, when shielding is measured in percent, the higher the value, the more effective the shielding. Because of how EMF shielding technology works, usually the amount of shielding will vary based on the frequency of the radiation.
EMF is a complicated subject, and so it can be difficult to understand how to gauge the effectiveness of EMF shielding.
It’s a way of expressing how effective a material is as a shield for electromagnetic radiation. When shielding is measured in decibels, the lower the value, the more effective the shielding. A shield that deflects 99% of radiation provides more shielding than one that deflects only 95% of radiation. Hopefully, this brief explainer helps you interpret this information so it can be more useful to you.

In a world where every wireless device emits harmful electromagnetic radiation, we at SYB make products that make it easy to reduce your exposure. The group has a long and well established relationship with the Fair-Rite Products Corp, USA organisation a leading innovator and manufacturer of quality engineered ferrite products for the most demanding applications.Fair-Rite Products Corp, offers a very comprehensive lien up of ferrite components in a wide range of materials and geometrie s for EMI Suppression, Power Applications and RFID Antennas.
So, a shielding effectiveness result of -40dB demonstrates a greater degree of shielding than a result of -20dB. But none are more concerning than wireless charging— the ability to charge your devices without cords. The Dexter group carries a market leading range of products readily available from our UK operations and NA warehouse facility, giving you immediate access to a very wide range of material grades suitable for your application needs.

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