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EMF testing is available for both residential and commercial clients with reports that range from verbal to complete reports with photo documentation and graphics.
If you have an issue with electromagnetic energy that is either a safety issue or causes equipment interference, we are fully qualified to assess, troubleshoot and make sound recommendations to fix or mitigate the situation.
With a background in radon and radiation safety, we are capable of evaluating and reporting on radon gas levels, how they compare with EPA standards and whether a mitigation solution is called for. Whether you believe in the safety hazards of EMF or not, the most common source of high EMF fields inside the home is improper wiring which fails to conform to current NEC code. ScanTech has been in the radiation survey business for over 10 years and is routinely called upon to investigate cases of suspected radioactive contamination and magnetized ferrous metals which can cause unusual issues.
Medical Device Compliance Testing (Pacemakers, Implantable Defibrillators, ICD’s etc. Elevated CO2 (carbon dioxide) levels are indicative of Sick Building Syndrome and poor air exchange characteristics in a structure. New nanomaterials on the market have raised concerns about the potential toxic effects of nanoparticles (such as carbon nanotubes, titanium dioxide, silver NPs, etc.) in particulate, aerosol, aqueous forms and their in-vivo effects.
ScanTech offers selective testing of indoor formaldehyde testing in both residential and commercial buildings in the Dallas – Ft.
Formaldehyde (Chemical formula CH2O and also known as Methanal) is a colorless, water soluble gas at room temperature with a pungent, irritating odor at less than 1 part per million. Due to it’s very low boiling point of -19 Celsius, formaldehyde is technically a VVOC (Very Volatile Organic Compound) and has very strong chemical and photo-chemical reactivity. In general, emission or outgassing rates of formaldehyde increase with temperature, humidity, wood moisture content and decreased formaldehyde in the air.
Plywood is composed of several thin sheets of wood glued together with UF copolymeric resin which originally had a high HCHO to urea ratio of 1.5 to 1 to ensure adequate chemical cross-linking of all primary and secondary amino groups.
UF wood adhesives have excellent bonding performance, but are somewhat chemically unstable and release monomeric formaldehyde due to hydrolysis of the methyol end groups and sometimes the methylene bridges themselves. While there are several other sources of formaldehyde such as wood and forest fires, cigarette smoke, motor vehicle combustion, and decomposition of methane by sunlight and oxygen, etc.
Formaldehyde is also produced in the human body in small amounts as it is a metabolic byproduct of drinking alcohol (ethanol) among other chemical pathways. Individual sensitivity to formaldehyde varies, but from 10 – 20 % of the population appears to be highly sensitive to relatively low concentrations.
Regardless in testing, levels as low as 0.25 ppm (which is below the detectable odor threshold) significant eye and throat discomfort increases in frequency.
Respirable Suspended Particles (RSP) are particles or fibers in the air that are small enough to be inhaled. There is another class of compounds which are chemicals released by biological organisms known as Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds or MVOCs. In general, particles of 10 um (microns) or greater in diameter will tend to get caught in the mucous membranes of the nose before they have a chance to settle in the lungs. I always find it both interesting and gratifying when clients who hire me already have their own meter and yet are willing to pay an additional fee to interpret the results. What instigated this post is two separate clients a week apart who both purchased a Trifield 100XE analog EMF meter and got readings that indicated a field of 100 milliGauss or greater. 2) And what I know about using something other than a high quality meter for making a decision on something as important as where you and your family including children plan to live for the next 5 – 20 years. Now, I am not putting down either the meter, the manufacturer or the homeowner for using this type of meter for a professional inspection.
In this case, if the homeowner had merely relied on the meter they purchased online, it would have potentially meant that they would have passed up a home they might have been otherwise happy with based on erroneous information. Now as an aside, take a look at the reading of the Natural EM Meter (blue label) to the right. At the end of the day, a proper EMF inspection is about more than just reading a meter; it is about having judgment and recognizing errors when they do not fit with conventional experience and wisdom. This entry was posted in EMF Testing Bio-Electromagnetic Health & Safety Levels and tagged comparison, EMF meter, emf testing, home inspection, levels, powerline inspector, safety on August 22, 2013 by jagman777. In my previous post, I commented on a recent phenomena this past year in which a number of customers who had purchased an EMF meter online or elsewhere to do a survey on a prospective property contacted me after finding what appeared to be anomalously high readings and wanted a second opinion.
Every time it was a Trifield 100XE which is easily recognizable with the yellow label, brick-like construction and familiar needle movement which distinguishes it as an analog meter versus the digital EMF versions. I recently contacted the manufacturer of the Trifields (AlphaLab Inc.) and one of their electrical engineers cleared up the mystery as to why the readings seemed to vary so wildly.
Below is an example of this sort of chart for the Natural EM Meter (blue label) which is very different from the 100XE model. Based on my experience, I can interpret the chart, but what I wanted was the chart for the 100XE model Trifield and I could not find it on the manufacturer’s website.
Furthermore she went on to explain that even the manufacturer has NO SUCH chart for the 100XE model so you really don’t know what you are reading and how much is due to the 60 Hz magnetic field that you are interested in and how much is distorted or misrepresented by the high frequency harmonics. And to further dispel another myth, the Trifield is named for the fact that it measures 3 types (tri) of fields: magnetic, electric and radio frequency, NOT because it is a 3-axis meter in every mode as the RF (radio frequency) measurement is only in SINGLE or 1-axis and will alter greatly depending on the orientation of the meter with respect to the RF source. But I am not disparaging the company at all (they make some excellent equipment for certain applications and their website is very informative) and the 100XE has some viable uses, but it seems to be more towards something more subjective like the paranormal field rather than what a serious EMF consultant would choose for an official EMF testing survey. This entry was posted in EMF Testing Bio-Electromagnetic Health & Safety Levels and tagged Austin, consultant, Dallas, emf, gaussmeter, Houston, meter, Texas on December 31, 2013 by jagman777. 3) That cute app that you can download onto Android (and probably your iPhone) that measures magnetic fields.
There is very little evidence that DC magnetic fields are harmful in any way (except higher intensity fields than Earth normal to those with certain biomedical implants such as pacemakers, ICDs, implantable defibrillators, etc.) and in fact there are patents on medical devices which use low level DC fields to speed the healing of broken bones.
But look at the overall reading above showing 834 milliGauss (mG) with the bar graph registering ominously in the red.
While I can give a brief overview of bio-electromagnetics to my clients while consulting, diving into the details is an incredibly complex subject that even a B.S. It is a cool app to play with and I have it on my phone, but it is not something I would use for a professional EMF inspection, nor would I use it to advise a client on the health, safety or risk conditions of their environment. This entry was posted in EMF Testing Bio-Electromagnetic Health & Safety Levels and tagged Android tablet, EMF meter, EMF safety levels, emfs, iPad, iPhone, magnetic field, phone app, RF on November 30, 2013 by jagman777.
This can get a little murky as the Earth receives energy from the sun and other extraplanetary sources and retransmits a certain amount, but I will delineate as best I can.
Please note that these Schumann emanations are very faint (300 milliVolts per meter for the electric field and 10 microGauss for the magnetic component) compared to the other electric and magnetic fields mentioned. Negative and positive ions as a result of electric discharges in the atmosphere, natural ionizing radiation, (UV) wind shear, and radon gas. Background radiation from the decay of uranium and other radioactive elements including radon gas. Telluric currents through the earth’s crust that are geomagnetically induced and affected by several complex variables such as the interplay between the ionosphere and solar winds. I had another radon gas inspection job in Garland recently and a remark by one of the interested parties got me to thinking. This graph shows only 15,000 deaths annually, (the lower number is because the stats are derived from 1986 data quoted by Environmental Science Technology Vol 24 pp. The problem with radon gas is that it is invisible, silent, and much harder to track than the erratic, weaving driving patterns of an inebriated driver. So even if your home has no basement (very few residences in Texas do) then why be concerned? The solution is to first retest to make sure that the radon levels are consistently high enough to warrant attention and if so, proper ventilation is designed and installed by a professional radon mitigator, and then the residence retested to make sure that the system is working.

But for a prospective homeowner who is interested in a property, it is important to get the radon checked as soon as possible once you are inside the option period. ScanTech does have the ability to check the radon levels with a special digital tester that can get results much more quickly (in as little as 1 – 2 days after deployment) with the same level of accuracy as the activated charcoal radon test kits described above and it is less expensive when comparing a return trip to retrieve the device and interpret the results versus a return trip for the charcoal kits. EMF Power Lines & Safe Distance for Protection – What is Wrong with this Picture?
It gives greatly oversimplified answers to alleged effects based on solely on DISTANCE instead of actual ELECTRIC OR MAGNETIC FIELD STRENGTH.
Because of the poor coupling between electric fields and the human body, even strong external AC electric fields have a vanishingly small effect on the voltages induced in the body compared to the bio-electric energies already present in the heart, brain and nervous system. There is also a fine nuance in the graphic itself that most people not familiar with electromagnetic theory would miss. And with regard to the safety levels, what does the term “stunted growth” mean or apply to?
Then this sort of pseudo-scientific mythology gets incorporated into the bylaws of how EMF works (such as proliferating on the Internet) and only dilutes the cause of actual knowledge by displacing it with misdirected garbage which is worse than useless. I have sat in on numerous high level PhD thesis defenses and if the presenter had used a slide like this, I guarantee they would be discredited on the spot for the aforementioned reasons. Survey results from 2-week inquiry (question was posed 3 times) regarding readers' impressions of current data regarding EMF-associated health risks. I am keen to get better and implementing what you have suggested, what I like about your program is that you are very positive in overcoming EHS and I am looking forward to the “tipping” point! Lloyd Burrell has done an outstanding job in putting together this valuable health resource. I appreciate the eBook as a great resource and encouragement for further personal research into EHS and how to deal with it.
I have recommended your book to my grown children and I am giving the info to 2 of my doctors. Bless you for the time and effort to help others; I pray that God will richly bless you and your family!!! I found the book most interesting and informative and have altered a few things at home to lessen my exposure to EMF’s, and have been doing the exercises as set down and think, in a few short days, I feel the benefit of them. Sorry that this is brief but I do want to thank you for writing the book .I’m truly glad that I purchased it and I am finding it very helpful, thank you so much for putting such effort forth. Let me say “thank you” for the excellent work you have done in educating people about EMF radiation, etc.  I found your website through an internet search and have learned much from you.
It was clear, easily understood and motivating, but the actions are challenging, but I am up for it! If you’re electrically sensitive and you’re trying to deal with this thing on your own your chances of success are slim. Take Advantage of this offer NOW and get “Beating Electrical Sensitivity – The Path to Tread” as well as my 10 page special report, instructional video and the full audio of the eBook at a special discounted price ! Our goal is to create healthy and functional indoor environments with low EMF and RF levels through a reasonable and practical approach. ScanTech can detect and direct repairs on electrical wiring that manifests as an abnormal magnetic field. We also make construction recommendations for minimizing electromagnetic field emissions for safety and electromagnetic Interference concerns with sensitive manufacturing and research equipment. Our instrumentation includes several Geiger counters with datalogging capabilities and a specialized Gamma radiation scintillation detector.
We can also measure relative air ion counts, humidity and the direct DC static voltage on surfaces (positive or negative) up to 30,000 V to determine which objects in the environment may be damaging your static sensitive equipment. We can also measure lighting flicker rates which can cause headaches and other performance issues as well as evaluate possible disruption of circadian rhythms which lead to insomnia and lack of restful REM sleep. Worth, RF Testing Cell Phones Smart Meters Weak Tower Reception, Smart Meters - Safety Level Risks to Health and Cancer, Thermal Infrared Imaging Thermography and tagged acoustic, acoustical consultant, ADA, ADA compliance, anti-static, ATM lighting surveys, biomedical device, building biology, cancer, carbon dioxide ppm (parts per million) levels, cell tower, cellular phone reception, certificate occupancy permit, CO2, Consultation, consulting, Dallas, dB, dBm, Electric Field, electromagnetic interference, electropollution, Electrostatic Discharge, emf, EMF meter, emf protection, emf survey, emf testing, emi, ESD, Evaluations, foot candles, Formaldehyde, Fort Worth, Ft. It is commercially available as formalin which contains 38% formaldehyde and 6% – 15 % methanol.
It can also be found in paper products such as facial tissues, paper towels and grocery bags. Because the excess HCHO outgasses significantly and subsequently caused health complaints, this ratio was reduced to 1.05 to 1.
This means that hydrolytic decomposition and outgassing of HCHO is dependent on moisture levels, so UF-bonded wood products are primarily for indoor use where humidity levels are typically controlled.
This may be a result of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) synergy with other pollutants.
There are also neurological-like symptoms in some, (including depression) with the chance of potential sensitization and even upper respiratory system cancers.
Particles can exist in a number of states including solids, liquids, a combination of the two. But particles between 2.5 um and 10 um (known as PM10 which is short for Particulate Matter 10 um) can migrate to tissues of the upper respiratory tract where they can cause health issues depending on the nature and the concentration of the contamination. They will call and express concern about either a home they are considering purchasing or one they are already occupying as they are alarmed at the high readings they see on the EMF meter they purchased. In this case, it was not nearly as inaccurate, but it still reads 2.5 mG while the reference meter reads just under 1 milliGauss.
The variations in accuracy varied from moderate to extreme when compared with my 3-axis professional grade meter and I began to wonder what was going on. Ordinarily, any instrument that is frequency weighted has an attendant chart which tells you how much more weight at different frequencies is measured than over the non-weighted frequency point of the meter. I DO like the needle movement as it does help you to track slow or fast fluctuations so I do keep a Trifield with me, but the difference is that I know under what circumstances it can be used and also when I would not use it as an absolute for helping a client decide on a property decision because of the proximity of power lines. It works as far as measuring the NATURAL DC magnetic field of the Earth which varies according to locale and the proximity of ferromagnetic building material.
Worth and tagged Electric Field, emf, Geomagnetic, magnetic, Telluric Currents on May 11, 2014 by jagman777. Radon is a more common issue in other parts of the United States and tends to be more detectable in homes with basements, (as radon is heavier than air) but it is common enough in the North Texas region to be worth checking as a part of indoor air quality testing in Dallas and Fort Worth. By the emission of inhaled alpha particles that get into the lungs and whose ionizing radiation damages cell DNA.
Because the gas can still seep in through cracks in the foundation or gaps in a pier and beam construction. Incidentally, ScanTech does no mitigation as we consider it a potential conflict of interest.
Worth and tagged consulting, Dallas, Fort Worth, indoor air quality testing dallas, inspection, Radon gas testing on July 31, 2013 by jagman777. Magnetic fields have a stronger potential for affecting the human organism, but the only parameter mentioned is the 765 kilo-volts present on the line which pertains to the electric field, not the magnetic component which would relate to current measured in amps. The field is shown as radiating out from three different points on the tower in concentric circles. There is no mention of any parameters that actually govern magnetic fields such as amperage, phasing or physical specifications of the tower. But notice what is so compelling about the graphic; it is attractive, neat and gives a tabulated numbers versus certain biological effects causality that urges a viewer to adopt it as accepted fact without argument. But without peer review or challenge, there are some who think they can become an authority on a complex subject merely by skimming some articles found online. Questions regarded both population-based (supported by epidemiology) and individual-based (supported by clinical episodes and patient-narratives).
Along with Lyme disease my wife had two co-infections; babesia and bartnella, which I’m happy to report are cured. With your book and applying your advice I have managed to get my symptoms under control whilst in a “safe” place.

Already my health is the best it has been for a long time and energy levels are also increasing. This is possibly the best compilation of useful and well-researched information that’s available on this subject, as a Medical Intuitive, I highly recommend it.
It pointed me in the direction I needed to go to start to heal from EMFs, and offered a wealth of information.
I have significantly altered my diet in the last year, I’d have liked to see some examples of your typical day’s food intake. I struggle with my ears ringing and they actually pop when certain light fixtures or charging cell phones. Many, many things you mention in the eBook are topics I have researched and know to be true. I have been electrical sensitive for about 4 years now and been through many difficult situations. I have bought the Cornet meter and it was wild and a reality check what I have learned, thank you! The best features were its style – easy and enjoyable to read and its thoroughness – I could not think of anything that I had already found out myself that you missed. It is exactly what I needed when I first fell ill – a concise summary of ways to manage and improve your condition.
CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S.
Indoor air quality testing for VOC levels regarding Certificate of Occupancy permits according to City of Dallas Green Ordinances. Worth, Green ordinance, grounding issues, HEPA Filters, high frequency noise, high power lines, IAQ, iaq survey, illumination, implant, Indoor Air Quality, indoor air quality survey Dallas, indoor air quality testing dallas, issues, light levels, lighting level survey, lumens, magnetic field, magnetic shielding, medical environmental illness home testing, Nanotoxicology, noise sound level survey, noise survey, OSHA, outgassing, oxygen, PM10, PM2.5, Radiation, radon, Respirable Suspended Particles, RF, rf shielding, RFID, RSP, safety, Scans, Shielding, Smart Meters, sound, Surveys, Thermal Imaging, Thermography, troubleshooting, VOC, Volatile Organic Compounds, weak cell signal, wireless internet on December 23, 2015 by jagman777. A major use is in the fabrication of urea-formaldehyde (UF) resins used primarily as adhesives when making plywood, particleboard and fiberboard.
Particleboard (compressed wood shavings mixed with UF resins at high temperatures) can emit formaldehyde continuously for comparatively long times; from several months to several years. The principle symptoms experienced are irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, dry facial skin and asthma like symptoms.
Particulate matter that is either inherently organic life (such as viruses or bacteria) or are given off by biological life (such as mold spores, pieces of fungi, pollen, plant fibers, etc.) are what is known as bioaerosols. That error is off by more than an order of magnitude which means that the Trifield is reading more than 10 X the amount that is actually present. Not as dramatic, but still enough difference that a family with young children might have shied away from this property when it was not really an issue. To be blunt, the reason these have become so popular is because of the interest in the paranormal and ghost hunting fields and the ways in which they can be customized with outputs, alarms, backlighting, etc. Also, they measure from 40 Hz – 100 KHz which is a VERY broad band for an AC gaussmeter used in a EMF survey for testing the influence of power lines.
But DC means there is no frequency or fluctuation in the field; it is by definition 0 Hertz or 0 cycles per second as opposed to the North American power grid frequency of 60 Hertz.
It is done partly as a marketing feature to make it look cool, but also as an attempt to give some kind of intuitive user knowledge about the EMFs in the environment, but in fact instills false confidence and infers incorrect information. I can guarantee that this meter does not measure anything having to do with health or safety with respect to AC power lines.
Increased positive ion counts can be indicative of radioactive decay such as from radon gas. I have had trouble getting empirical data on this except that the frequency band falls in the ELF range like the Schumann resonances.
This mechanism works by attacking DNA molecules within the cells to form free radical ions, or changes the molecules themselves into excited molecules that can form biochemical pathways to cancer. This means a dead minimum of 4 days under IDEAL circumstances with rush fees and hand trucking the kits in to the lab. Furthermore, in my experience of measuring high voltage towers, I have never seen one that could influence ambient fields (EMFs) out to 2 kilometers with any conventional AC gaussmeter or electric field meter.
On top of these, she had three heavy metal poisonings which, clinically speaking, could have killed her. So hopefully the healing can start to take place now and sometime in the near future my body will be able to tolerate some EMF’s so that I can live a “normal” life. It shows us that there are people in the world, such as Lloyd, who are working hard to help us heal ourselves. This is not to detract from the most useful book I have bought – and I have bought a few to get better.
Most importantly, Lloyd, you gave me the confidence to keep doing the things I was doing to help repair my body.
It provides an alternative treatment plan an individual can follow themselves rather than relying on doctors who as we know are largely unaware of this condition. And it will cost you much more in terms of time, effort and money than if you’d bought my eBook package. But formaldehyde has been shown to be genotoxic in cell cultures which causes damage through DNA cross-linking, single strand breaks and chromosome aberrations which indicate that HCHO is mutagenic as well. It is also about risk assessment, diplomacy and seeing a larger picture than just a scary needle sweeping across a meter face. Otherwise, it can take up to over a week which can easily exceed the standard 10 day option period. The electric field comes straight out of the wire and that is based on voltage which is the only metric given. For 4 weeks they went from place to place and finally found a remote camp site in the Texas mountains where they set up camp.
And you can buy my eBook package at zero risk.  If having bought the package you decide that you’re not happy with it in any way I’ll honor a full refund within 60 days of purchase. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products. Elevated levels are more likely to be found in newer homes with pressed wood materials such as flooring lumber mixed with the UF resin.
Because one thing I do like about analog meters is that they are good for seeing trends and odd fluctuations – but I never use them for absolute values on a survey.
There is more commentary on this in the following post regarding a technical conversation I had with the manufacturer. So the implication is that the main parameter for an electric field is given, but a magnetic field illustration is given by mistake instead. The website's content and the product for sale is based upon the author's opinion and is provided solely on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis.
This figure is presented without any form of context, explanation or supporting data and very little clarity.
This sort of anti-information only serves to distort known physical laws into a neat and convenient visual bite that gives the reader a false sense of knowledge. It has high wires running across the back of our lot about 5 feet from our house and the VOCs in our house have registered (according to an air quality meter) 7,000, 8,000, and 9,000 when the average is 200-500. Neither ClickBank nor the author are engaged in rendering medical or similar professional services or advice via this website or in the product, and the information provided is not intended to replace medical advice offered by a physician or other licensed healthcare provider. You should not construe ClickBank's sale of this product as an endorsement by ClickBank of the views expressed herein, or any warranty or guarantee of any strategy, recommendation, treatment, action, or application of advice made by the author of the product. I especially appreciated the information about the electronic measuring equipment and how to buy and use it.

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